Two New Tranformers Movies Are Being Developed in a Rebooted Universe

Michael Bay’s Transformers movies were the biggest selling films of Paramount Studios. The 5 Transformers films had brought in a total of over $4 Billion and then Bumblebee brought in $465 Million. Transformers: The Last Knight had really killed the hype for the Transformers franchise, which is why a great film like Bumblebee couldn’t make big money at the Box Office. But Bumblebee showed us how these transformers films should actually be, and now the upcoming new Transformers reboot films would definitely take a page out of Bumblebee’s books.

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Yes, at least two more Transformers films are coming as Paramount hasn’t completely dropped the franchise from their future schedule of films. Bumblebee felt like a reboot in itself and now it seems that at least one out of two more Transformers films would be following it. Last we heard that Bumblebee 2 is under development. This scoop came from Mikey Sutton. And now, Variety’s Justin Kroll has also confirmed that Paramount is planning to revamp the Transformers franchise.

He wrote that James Vanderbilt will be writing one of the next two Transformers films, and the second one will be written by Joby Harold. It’s good that Michael Bay has gone on to work on other projects and Paramount is looking at other writers & directors who would take the franchise to a new direction. Another great thing that Paramount seems to be doing is creating a cinematic Universe out of Transformers & Power Rangers.

Transformers & Power Rangers Universe is Under Development

We’ve heard that Paramount’s new partnership with Hasbro has made this possible. Power Rangers didn’t have a good start in 2017, so it is understandable for them to be getting a live action reboot on the big screen. And this reboot will be set up through Bumblebee 2 as the Power Rangers are rumored to make a cameo there.

Transformers & Power Rangers Universe is Under Development

It’d be interesting to see when we get a sequel to Bumblebee. It could happen in 2021 or 2022 and would involve all other Transformers as well since the Autobots safely made it to planet Earth towards the end of the first Bumblebee movie. We’d like to see John Cena return and take a bigger role as well.

Transformers & Power Rangers Universe is Under Development

What we think is that Paramount should actually go all out on their resources if they are thinking of creating a shared cinematic Universe. They are already thinking of rebooting the Ninja Turtles, and the upcoming Snake Eyes movie will also be a reboot for the G. I. Joe franchise. So, a shared Universe consisting of Transformers, G. I. Joes, Power Rangers & the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would really seem legendary. Even characters from M.A.S.K could be added and all of this could easily compete with the MCU or the DCEU if handled well. Bumblebee 1 only set up the future of Transformers. But the year in which Bumblebee took place, it’d be easy to set up anything taking place on Earth.

But a shared Universe with the 5 properties that we’ve named will probably not happen. Paramount is probably going to limit the crossovers up to just the Power Rangers and the Transformers. We’re living in a world of Cinematic Universes, so Paramount getting one or two of their own would definitely make sense.

Transformers & Power Rangers Universe is Under Development

It all began with the MCU. Then, WB followed with 3 of their own shared Universes – DCEU, the Monsterverse and the Conjuring Universe. Looking at this, Universal has converted Fast Franchise into a shared Universe, and they tried to start a Dark Universe with The Mummy reboot (but failed miserably). Now let’s see of Paramount could pull it off. They have to because there’re no other options left for them to pursue. The Mission: Impossible franchise will be done by 2022. Sonic the Hedgehog will definitely not make the money they want to make out of it. So, they will have to focus on Transformers, G. I. Joe, M.A.S.K, Power Rangers & the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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