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All MCU Villains Created By Tony Stark (Directly And Indirectly)

Tony Stark aka Iron Man is known as the person who gave birth to the MCU. Maybe without Tony Stark, there would have been no MCU. The character made its debut in 2008’s Iron Man and bid goodbye to himself in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame that left many MCU fans in tears. Now Iron Man along with the other Avengers has fought a lot of threats. But there are a few among them who were directly or indirectly created by Tony Stark himself. He was also seen taking the blame in some situations. Now let’s check the complete list of MCU Villains created by Tony Stark.

MCU Villains Created By Tony Stark

1. Aldrich Killian

In Iron Man 3, Tony Stark meets Aldrich Killian at a 1999 New Year Party in Switzerland. Killian was a disabled man at that time and invites Tony Stark and Maya Hansen to join his organization named Advanced Idea Mechanics or AIM. Stark promises to meet Killian on the rooftop but does not show up. Eventually, Killian comes back as Mandarin and starts killing people by creating human bombs. He even kidnaps Pepper Potts and exposes her to Extremis so that Stark can repair its flaws. Eventually, Killian is killed in the end by Pepper Potts. Tony Stark should have changed his attitude and met Aldrich Killian.

2. Baron Zemo

Now we all know that Baron Zemo was taking revenge against the Avengers. Zemo’s family died during the Battle of Sokovia and he held the Avengers responsible for it. But somewhere Tony Stark was also responsible for making Zemo the villain. This was also revealed at the end of Captain America: Civil War. We get to know that Zemo’s wife, son, and father were killed in Sokovia. The Avengers did not return to pick up the pieces of his residential country. Zemo mentioned how his son saw the Iron Man fly by the window. It looks like Tony Stark left behind a civilian who later turned the Avengers against each other.

3. Mysterio

MCU Villains Created By Tony Stark

Spider-Man made his MCU debut in 2016 with Tom Holland in the lead role. Now when you become a superhero, you need to take up a lot of responsibilities. The same applies to Spider-Man. In Spider-Man: Far From Home, Peter Parker teams up with Mysterio aka Quentin Beck to take down the Elementals. Eventually, Mysterio is revealed as the villain.

Mysterio was a former employee at Stark Industries and he was fired for his unstable nature. He along with the other ex-employees of Stark Industries was creating illusions with drones and making him look like a superhero. Things got worse when Peter Parker transferred the control of E.D.I.T.H. glasses to Quentin Beck. Tony Stark should have done something else instead of just firing those employees for certain reasons.

4. Ivan Vanko

Iron Man 2 was able to surpass the expectations set by the first Iron Man. Now along with Justin Hammer, Ivan Vanko was also another villain in the film. Ivan’s father, Anton Vanko was a former Stark Industries employee. Later Nick Fury reveals to Tony Stark that Anton Vanko and Howard Stark made the arc reactor together. But when Anton tried to sell it, Howard deported him. Now if we look at the complete story, Tony Stark may not have been responsible for the creation of Ivan Vanko. But he should have known about his enemies very well after he became the Iron Man.

5. Wanda and Pietro Maximoff

Even though Wanda and Pietro Maximoff later joined the Avengers, they were initially the villains in the film. They were trying to defeat the Avengers by being on Ultron’s side. Their parents died when they were young because of a Stark Industries weapon. Stark Industries was manufacturing weapons at the beginning which Tony Stark himself stopped at a point in time. He had to face its consequences later but it ended up saving many lives. But he never knew that Sokovian warlords had commandeered some of his weaponry. Stark Industries should have thought once before manufacturing weapons.

6. The Vulture

MCU Villains Created By Tony Stark

Even a small thing can lead to bigger problems. This was proved in terms of Adrian Toomes aka Vulture. After the Battle of New York, Adrian received a big contract to clean up a massive portion of the wreckage. But Tony Stark established Damage Control that seized control of all clean-up operations. This made Toomes furious and he faced heavy losses in his business. So he decided to choose the path of a criminal and started to sell alien-tech-infused weapons. Well, this is not exactly Tony’s fault. Even he was trying to help people. If Damage Control and Toomes decided to work together, maybe he would have been a good man.

7. Ultron

After the Avengers retrieve the scepter, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner see it as the solution to create Ultron. Ultron was supposed to be a global peacekeeping program. But Tony never knew that this peacekeeping program would plan to destroy all of humanity. Ultron eliminates J.A.R.V.I.S. at first and then attacks the Avengers. After that, Sokovia is threatened because of Ultron and a few people also lose their lives. Bruce Banner warned Tony a lot of times before creating Ultron. But Tony did not listen to him. If Tony considered Banner’s suggestion for once, maybe Sokovia would have been safe and Zemo would not have turned the Avengers against each other.

8. Obadiah Stane

Tony Stark was able to create his suit in the first Iron Man. But he never ended up making enemies among those he knew very well. After returning from Afghanistan, Tony decided to stop the manufacturing of weapons at Stark Industries. This did not go well with Obadiah Stane who was his father’s old partner and the company’s manager. He also advised Stark that his decision can ruin Stark Industries and his father’s legacy. Stane then meets with the Ten Rings and plans to kill Tony Stark. He collects the pieces of Stark’s prototype suit and makes a new suit for himself. If Stark Industries did not manufacture weapons from the beginning, maybe everything would have been normal.

So these were all the MCU Villains Created By Tony Stark.

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