Stranger Things Season 4 Will Fix The Biggest Mistake Of Season 2

A second teaser trailer was released for Stranger Things Season 4 on May 6. The teaser proves that the fourth season will fix the biggest mistake from Season 2. Stranger Things made its debut in 2016. It was an instant hit for Netflix and the show’s creators. It can be easily seen why the show has been able to impress the audience. Stranger Things is a thrilling, scary, and nostalgic story of a group of kids discovering a government conspiracy, a telekinetic girl, and a dimension-hopping monster in their hometown.

The latest teaser starts with the voice of a clock ticking in the Hawkins National Laboratory where Dr. Martin Brenner is training and experimenting on children dressed in hospital gowns. The clip focuses on Eleven, who addresses the doctor as ‘Papa’. We can expect the latter’s return to the show as he voices, “Are you listening, Eleven?”


But we don’t see Brenner in the teaser. In the end, we see the ‘Rainbow Room’ with haunting music being played in the background. If you have watched Stranger Things Season 1, you might have thought that Dr. Martin Brenner died after a Demogorgon attacked him. But according to the latest teaser, it is possible that maybe he was alive and did not die.

Stranger Things has received critical acclaim for the talented multi-generational cast and the careful tonal balancing between horror sci-fi and teen dramedy. But the show also has its own problems. The most recent season of the series was criticized for making Hopper a mean-spirited and abusive figure. According to the critics, Season 3 had one of the worst subplots so far in the series.

But the biggest mistake happened in Season 2. There we saw a complete episode centered on Eleven traveling to Chicago and coming across her ‘Lost Sister’ Kali. Now according to the latest teaser, Season 4 promises to fix that mistake. Stranger Things Season 4 creators Matt and Ross Duffer have mentioned earlier:

“Although it’s not all good news for our ‘American’ (Hopper); he is imprisoned far from home in the snowy wasteland of Kamchatka, where he will face dangers both human…and other. Meanwhile, back in the states, a new horror is beginning to surface, something long-buried, something that connects everything. Season 4 is shaping up to be the biggest and most frightening season yet, and we cannot wait for everyone to see more. In the meantime – pray for the American.”

Fans expressed their frustration with Season 2. It was mainly because of the opening scene where a dramatic crime was pulled off in inner-city Chicago by a group of hitherto-unseen punks. One of them had powers just like Eleven does. This revelation was ignored for most of the season. It was finally explained who these characters were in the seventh episode ‘The Lost Sister’. The seventh episode introduced Kali. It was revealed that there are other test subjects that had similar powers like Eleven.

This was a huge twist that had to be explored in Season 2. But the mixed response to the outing meant the revelation was mostly ignored during Season 3. The latest teaser of Season 4 has footage of other test subjects playing with preschool toys and a chess set. This means Stranger Things will dedicate some time to explore their stories instead of doing a quick one-off adventure.

The second teaser is brief in comparison to the first one that confirmed Hopper’s survival. The depiction of many children in the Laboratory might mean that we would get to see more children like Eleven with special abilities. Although Millie Bobby Brown is returning as Eleven, it is unclear if the upcoming season will explore the character’s origin story and the source of her power or if these might be just flashback scenes.

The story of Eleven’s supernatural origin has been an ongoing one among the whole of Stranger Things but surely, there are more stories to tell. The name ‘Eleven’ always suggested that there were more children experimented on than just her. The latest teaser shows that the other test subjects will have a larger role in the upcoming season. The scene in the trailer looks like a flashback. But the presence of the test subjects means that they might have a part to play in the main story. It will potentially link everything together that’s happening in the present day.

This is good news for all those who are waiting for Stranger Things Season 4. ‘The Lost Sister’ failed since the episode felt like a pilot for another series. The revelation was ruined by a random, out-of-place narrative detour with no proper connection to the season’s main plot. The latest trailer proves that Stranger Things Season 4 would ingrain the test subjects into the season’s main story. This will make the potential return of Kali and company a far more welcome addition this time around.

The events of Season 4 will reportedly take place in Russia where Jim Hopper, who survived the events of Season 3, is being held at Kamchatka by operatives. The third season ended on a cliffhanger in 2019. The release date of Stranger Things Season 4 has not been announced yet. But the Duffer brothers have confirmed that this will not be the final season of the show.

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