5 Questions That Are Yet To Be Answered About Stranger Things Season 4  

Netflix has proved to be the best streaming service, having a large collection of movies and TV series. It has given us shows like The Witcher, Mindhunter, Lucifer, and countless more to delve into, in order to keep our minds occupied in such gloomy days. But, things will be tough for Netflix as well because due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the production of TV series and movies has been delayed. One such TV show is Stranger Things. This show has attracted a massive audience to the fictional world of Hawkins since 2016. The fans of this show will agree that from the moment you press play on this one, you will be hooked to it. In fact, you may need to cancel all your future plans (not that you may have any plans during the pandemic). But for those who have already gone through all 3 seasons of the series would be eagerly waiting for the fourth one. Sadly, it won’t arrive until 2021.

It’s sad because Netflix released a trailer for season 4 earlier this year, leaving us all super hyped. But now the show has been pushed. The fans have had many questions since Season 3, but some of them were answered by the new trailer. We found out that Hopper is indeed alive, and somehow, he has become a prisoner in Russia. It is very clear that future events would be influenced by the Russians, as their involvement will be even more than we witnessed in Season 3. But here are some of the questions that we need answers for:

How did Hopper survive?

Questions About Stranger Things Season 4   

In the final episode of season 3, “The Battle Of Starcourt,” viewers saw the battle between the forces of Hawkins and the forces of The Upside Down, led by the Mind Flayer. When Hopper disappeared after fighting the Russian Arnold Schwarzenegger, the fans presumed that he is most probably dead. But his appearance in season 4 trailer proved that he is still alive and would be back this season. Now the question that is left standing is, “How did he survive?” “How did he end up from Hawkins to a prison in Gulag, as the post credits scene had suggested?” All the other characters assumed that he could not have survived the blast, and so did the fans.

How will Hopper and Eleven find each other?   

In the final moments, we saw El reading the letter that Hopper wrote her. It left her weeping and the fans were left emotional as well. Hopper was the only family she ever had. He was very protective and possessive for El, who was like practically a daughter to him. She was truly heartbroken when she realized Hopper was no more. Now the question arises, if Hopper manages to escape from the prison in Russia, how will he return to Hawkins and reunite with her? Their reunion will certainly be an emotional moment for the fans almost comparable to that of Captain America & Iron Man in Avengers: Endgame.

Why Jim Hopper is Bald?

Questions About Stranger Things Season 4   

Jim Hopper is very much alive but we don’t know the reason behind his bald look. This is quite a dramatic transformation ever since he survived the explosion and ended up in Russia. Looking at the snowy background, we could not imagine the exact reason for shaving hair in a cold area. Maybe as a prisoner he was being tortured by the prison guards, or maybe something was implanted in him to track his location. In the unpredictable world where Demogorgons exist, anything is possible.

How is Will Coping Up?

Since the beginning of the series, Will has gone through a lot. He was abducted by the Demogorgons, was stuck in an alternate dimension (the Upside Down), and he was possessed by the Mind Flayer. After suffering so much, will he be able to recover and lead a normal life? Or more importantly, is he still susceptible to the control of the Mind Flayer? To have this question answered, we will have to wait for season 4.

Will Eleven get her powers back?

Questions About Stranger Things Season 4   

Eleven’s powers are one of the most important elements of the show, so it is only a matter of time until she gets her powers back. The right question that we need to ask here is how exactly is she going to get them back? It might happen after she reunites with Hopper. That’d allow her to be happy again, get a grip over her feelings, and gain control over her powers once again. Or she could take the help of her friend “Eight” who helped her out back in season 2. That is a plot thread that has been left dangling since Season 2. So, it’d be cool to see the return of not just Eight, but also her gang.

We are eagerly waiting for season 4 which will finally answer all these burning questions. Let’s hope that the production upon the next series restarts soon enough so the next season won’t take a whole lot of time to return. Do you guys have any other questions in mind about the next season? If yes, then be sure to mention them in the comments down below.

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