3 Famous Male Superheroes And Their Female Versions

Anything can happen in the world of comic books and gender-swapping is one of the infamous depictions of women versions of superheroes. We don’t know whether Spider-Woman actually wears a suit because she looks so curvy that it seems like she has a painted body. Alright! Enough of the picturization.So today we are counting down on three male superheroes and their female versions with the stories behind them.

1. X-Men and X-23


X-23 is also known as Laura Kinney, was a hit version of X-Men which made her debut in X-Men Evolution. She is the clone daughter of Wolverine who also possesses the healing power like him, but lack the complete adamantium-made skeleton. And recently, in the trailer of Logon 3, the little girl is going to make its cinematic appearance. Oh! That was one easter egg. Oops! In All-New Wolverine series, due to the untimely death of the Wolverine in Death of the Wolverine storyline, his codename and costumes were adopted by X-23.

2. Black Panther and Shuri


Created by super-legendary Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Black Panther made his first appearance in Fantastic Four #52 in July 1966. And he simply nailed in Captain America: Civil War and was a scene-stealer. As big as he has a larger fan base, his sister Shuri gained quite a good traction from the comic book fans. King T’Chaka’s daughter and the youngest sibling, Shuri was jealous of his brother for being the Black Panther and for not being bestowed by the God of Panther after Chaka’s debilitation. She later blessed with the powers and the world got a new Black Panther.

3. Thor

thrrr superheroes

During a fight with Malakith, Thor loses one of his arms and gets defeated. And then a woman comes in the scene and brandishes the hammer Mjolnir. Watching her wielding the hammer, Thor gives his codename and powers to her, And the new Thor was Jane Foster who was later dubbed as Thor: The Goddess of Thunder.

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