10 Sudden Dark Moments In The MCU That Surprised Us All

Watching the 23 movies of the MCU is like going on an emotional rollercoaster ride. One moment you are rising up on happy moments, music, and laughter and the very next moment, something extremely grim is plunging you into an abyss. Even if we take Avengers: Infinity War as an example, no one could tell that it was a battle to save the universe from getting snapped away. It started with hilarious moments like Star-Lord and Thor’s ego clashes and Peter Parker calling Doctor Strange a made-up name. We were almost in tears of laughter when Thanos suddenly entered the scene, killed Gamora, and crushed Vision’s head. You can never tell what kind of lemons Marvel movies are going to offer you. In this article, we have attempted to gather the unfortunate moments that came out of nowhere and shocked the viewers.  So, here are the 10 sudden dark moments in the MCU that surprised us all.

 1. Spider-Man Fearing His Death

Spider-Man 3 Plot Leak Tells Dark Tale For Peter

Superheroes are mostly shown as beings who readily sacrifice their lives for the greater good. But MCU knows how to make the audience feel connected to their heroes. After Thanos snaps with the Infinity Gauntlet, many heroes including Spider-Man slowly turn into dust. At that moment, we didn’t see Spider-Man but a regular teen boy, Peter Parker who was not ready to die at such a young age. Moreover, he could legit feel his body disappearing due to the Spider senses.

He clutches on his mentor Mr. Stark and pleads to him with scared eyes to save him. But all Mr. Stark could do was take him in his arm and watch the young boy perish.

 2. When Hela Slaughtered The Soldiers

Hela was the Goddess of Death and thirsty for devastation and blood. His sinister side was the reason why her father Odin confined her in hell. Hela’s return was welcomed with a lot of devastation and death to satisfy her appetite. When thousands of Asgardian warriors tried to stop her reign, she singlehandedly slaughtered them all in a few moments without breaking a sweat. As he rose up over their bodies, Hela impaled one of the Warriors Three, the significant allies and buddies of Thor.

 3. Wanda Killing The Love Of Her Life

Watching your loved one die is the most painful experience that one can think of. But MCU took it a notch higher by making Wanda take the life of her loved one, Vision. She has to choose between saving the world and the love of her life. After failing to take out the Mind Stone from Vision, Wanda was forced to destroy the stone and him along with it. She was in tears, gasping for breath but couldn’t stop from doing her job as a hero.

 4. Thanos Strangling Loki

Tom Hiddleston Loki Disney+ Series

Loki is one of the most beloved heroes and villains of the MCU for his charming wit and mischievous plans. Despite being a trouble, he always brought smiles to our faces as Thor’s envious brother. Loki’s death was not taken seriously most of the time since he always came back. But Thanos squeezing Loki’s throat and bringing him midair while blood trickled through his eyes was a harsh death for such a beloved character. And this time the God of Mischief, who went through several ups and downs to finally become the good guy, was dead for good.

 5. Nebula’s Body Getting Ripped

Dark Moments In MCU
Dark Moments In MCU

A superhero film suddenly turned a psychotic-horror when we saw Thanos taking malicious methods to get information out of Gamora. He had one of his daughters, Nebula hanging in midair and gleefully ripped her body piece by piece to blackmail Gamora into revealing the location of the Soul Stone.

 6. Wanda and Pietro’s Backstory

Wanda & Pietro Mutants in The MCU

The twins’ origin didn’t contain any gore scenes to watch but even hearing it was quite painful. It reflected how the actions of a hero could also destroy innocents’ lives. Wanda and Pietro grew up amidst the destruction inflicted by the war in Sokovia. They were kids when a mortar shell exploded in their apartment and engulfed their parents in front of their eyes. It was followed by another shell but this is didn’t blow off. It stayed there for two days while the twins hid under the bed and stared at it without moving a muscle. They didn’t move the whole time as they were afraid of activating it. They learnt the name “Stark” from the shell that they watched for two days.

 7. When Helmut Zemo Drowned The Hydra Agent

The spy theme of Captain America: The Winter Soldier showed us that Joe and Anthony Russo liked to go off the comic book map. They adopted a similar realistic approach for Captain America: Civil War, only this time it was darker, grimmer, and more political. Zemo was another fragment of the Avengers’ past that came haunting back in the Civil War. He wanted to destroy the Avengers to avenge his family’s death in Sokovia during the battle against Ultron.

Fully aware that he wasn’t strong enough to take them down, he devised a plan to turn them against one another. In order to get some dirt on the Winter Soldier, Zemo abducted a Hydra agent and turned out to be even darker than the Hydra. Zemo hangs him upside down with his face on the sink. He threatens the agent to reveal information on the Winter Soldier by slowly filling up the sink with water. On not getting any useful detail out of him, Zemo coldly leaves the water to fill up the sink and chokes the man hanging upside down.

 8. When Winter Soldier Killed Tony Stark’s Parents

Watching the brainwashed Bucky murdering Tony Stark’s parents and his former friend Howard Stark in cold bold was one of the most shocking revelations in the MCU. Captain America: Civil War had nothing to do with aliens or androids but navigated deeper into the Avengers’ relationships and mental battles. We saw the mightiest heroes of Earth fight one another throughout the film. But what pushed Iron Man and Captain America’s relationship to irrecoverable damage was Zemo’s security footage that showed Winter Soldier dragging Tony’s parents on the road and ending their lives mercilessly despite their earnest begging.

 9. When Carina Explodes From The Power Stone

Dark Moments In MCU

The millions of years old Collector is enough to give you the creep vibes. He has a strange collection of ‘living’ and non-living things that grab his interest. From a living Chitauri to a Dark Elf and a dog, everything collects dust in his dimly lit museum. When the Guardians went to this creepy Collector to deliver the Power Stone, one of his servants, Carina couldn’t control the urge to grab the Infinity Stone for her freedom. As her body is unable to bear the power from the stone, she explodes into a million pieces right in front of our eyes.

 10. Jonathan Pangborn Left To Cripple

Dark Moments In MCU
Dark Moments In MCU

After learning about the Ancient One sourcing magic from the dark dimension, the good Baron Mordo turns into a cold a righteous sorcerer in a mission to stop the wrong use of magic. After losing his faith in the sorcerers, he visits one of them named Jonathan Pangborn and shares his perspective on the whole scenario. He also admonishes Baron for using magic to enable himself to walk and ruthlessly takes it away, leaving him crippled and in pain.

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