3 Hated Castings Which Turned Out To Be The Most Loved Ones

Usually, during film castings, the normal people seem to be more concerned about choosing of the appropriate artist to play a particular character. They never try to understand the fact the filmmakers or the studio selects an artist to play a particular character as they are confident that he/she could do justice to the character. But usually, most of the people blindly judge the casting as an inappropriate one before the movie release. And what happens after the release of the movies is the exact opposite as the so-called inappropriate casting turns out to be most loved ones.

Tom Cruise (Lestat)


Interview with the Vampire is directed by Neil Jordan and was released in the year 1994. It is based on the 1976 novel of the same name written by Anne Rice. From the very first beginning of the announcement of the movie, Anne Rice insisted on casting Julian Sands to play the role of Lestat. But the studio chose Tom Cruise to play the role of Lestat and the author strongly raised her voice against the studio’s decision. Those who loved the novel stood by her and commented on the decision of choosing Tom Cruise to play the lead role as a foolery and weird choice. But when the film was released, everyone was stunned by his performance and his performance was widely loved and appreciated.

Hugh Jackman (Wolverine)


The X-Men superheroes created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby first appeared in the Marvel Comics. The first film (X-Men) in the X-Men series is directed by Bryan Singer and was released in the year 2000. Initially, the studio wanted Russel Crowe to play the role of Wolverine. But he turned down the offer and suggested his friend Hugh Jackman, to play the role. The studio later decided to cast Dougray Scott as Wolverine, but he also refused the offer as he was busy with the Mission: Impossible II schedule. Finally, Hugh Jackman was selected for the role and the Marvel fans were quite surprised with the casting of an unknown guy (No one outside Australia really knew him at that time). He also lacked any sort of physical similarity to the comic book character. Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of the comic book superhero received rave reviews and appreciation and he portrayed the same superhero character six times on the big screen.

Matt Damon (Jason Bourne)


When Robert Ludlum’s popular thriller novel “The Bourne Identity” was going to receive a movie adaptation, the fans of the novel eagerly waited for the casting announcement. They thought that the studio will rope in any of the leading actors to play the role of the tough spy, Jason Bourne. They were shocked and disappointed with the casting of Matt Damon as Jason Bourne as the character possesses all sorts of deadly skills and they wondered whether an inexperienced skinny guy like Matt Damon could do justice to the character. But after the release of the very first movie in the Bourne series, everyone was blown away by Matt Damon’s performance and action skills. The fourth installment in the series told the story of a different spy (Aaron Cross) and the fans desperately waited for the comeback of Matt Damon into the series. It finally happened with the release of the fifth installment (Jason Bourne) in the series this year.

Joyal Jose

Joyal is an ardent movie lover and he tries to watch all the movies at the very first day of its release and even the very first show. He loves to remain simple always just like his inspirational hero Ajith Kumar (Actor). His love for Paul Walker is never ending and he misses him like anything. He loves his sister more than anything else in this world. One of his most favorite hobbies is to review movies, but he never rates them. According to his concept, he is no one to rate someone else’s work. The ultimate aim of his life is to become a script writer in the Malayalam film industry.
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