Thor 4: How Jane Foster Became The Mighty Thor?

Thor: Love and Thunder’s teaser trailer is already out, and it revealed the first look at the Mighty Thor. We know that this movie will follow the comic storyline of Jane transforming into the Goddess of Thunder. But according to this new theory, the road she will take in this movie might be a little dark for a Taika Waititi movie. Keep up with the post to find more about this theory about how Jane Foster became the Mighty Thor.

Thor: Love and Thunder is the sequel to 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok which saw Thor separating from his hammer, Mjolnir. However, the new movie, set after the events of Avengers: Endgame, sees the hammer returning and wielded by Jane Foster. If you have been a Marvel comics fan, this wouldn’t come as a surprise to you. As the 2014 Thor storyline heavily featured Jane Foster’s transformation into the Mighty Thor. But it was not only the powers of Thor, like Steve Rogers in Avengers: Endgame but a full-fledged God with a suit and everything. She became the Goddess of Thunder, and this led to the original Thor becoming the God of Gods.


We are not sure if Waititi’s movie will be following this storyline cover to cover, but it is heavily based on this. He has also confirmed that this movie will feature Jane Foster in her cancer days, like in Thor #705. The issue followed Jane going through chemotherapy to repress her cancer, while also being a superhero. Things got interesting when she comes to know that every time she held the hammer, this reversed the effects of her chemo. This was during a time when Thor didn’t have his powers so it was all upon Jane. She couldn’t ignore the call of duty, even if it meant killing herself. But before that-



Comics are an amazing place to take old mythologies and incorporate them into their stories. Over the years, many comic book writers have used this technique to adopt old mythologies, namely Greek and Norse, into their mainstream comics. Every company has the freedom to change it up as they like. So Marvel has a God-making process of their own that they first revealed in the January 2006 run of Ares. The comics featured Ares and his son, Alexander Aaron, half-blood with a mortal mother.


What made Aaron special was his tendency to do good even when he was the son of the God of War. This even made his father proud who wanted to give him a place in the Olympus. All the Gods were even happy to make him a God. But then came the plot twist that was so much darker than any reader would have anticipated. After the Gods accepted Aaron, his father told him about the process to become a God. He explained to his son, “You were born a mortal boy, son of a mortal woman, and while you are not a demigod you will not achieve your full godhood until one final thing happens. You must die, son, so that you may one day be reborn.


And since Waititi is making this movie so close to the comics, it is quite likely that they will try to replicate this process. This process even has a precedent in Jane Foster’s run as the Mighty Thor where she uses the last of her energy to save Asgard one last time. This was when Asgard had denied her to be a part of their community, thus denying her a permanent cure to her cancer. But when she came down to her last transformation, she used it to save that very same Asgard from a monster called Mangog. This led to her death. But we know that death is not permanent in the comics. So the following issues saw her resurrected by Odin as a blessing after her sacrifice.



Fans really loved this storyline in the comics and with Waititi behind the camera, this could very easily work in the MCU as well. With little tweaks, obviously. And our theory suggests some of these changes. For example, we could see Jane becoming Thor while going through chemotherapy. But when she comes down to the last one, she takes on Gorr alone with no hope whatsoever. She does it for everything she stands for, and maybe because Thor isn’t superhero-ing anymore. And she does it the same way she defeated Mangog, tying him with the Mjolnir through an unbreakable chain and throwing the Mjolnir into the Sun.


How Jane Foster became the Mighty Thor

While this can very likely in the MCU, fans might be a little disappointed, given Thor might lose the hammer again. This also means that Jane will die which might be the dark twist we are talking about. But it might not be permanent. We say this because our theory has plans for Chris Hemsworth’s Thor as well. The trailer sees him retired but what if he isn’t. Maybe he is just meditating and concentrating to find his true self. And what if it is his destiny to be the God of Gods? What if he is the one who resurrects Jane and reinstates her as the Goddess of Thunder. And this time around, she will be a full-fledged God with immortality and everything.


This theory is maybe too much to take in. This obviously negates the fact that Thor initially didn’t know that Jane was the Mighty Thor. But he eventually figures out, which could be the exact moment she sacrifices herself to defeat Gorr. We know he will pose a big threat to the Gods, given they are now holding meetings to discuss him(probably). And for old times’ sakes and the fact that she just sacrificed herself, he resurrects her!


Well, the above theory pretty much tells us about how Jane Foster became the Mighty Thor. What are your views on it? Let us know about it down in the comments.

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