Will Christian Bale Do Another Superhero Movie? The Answer May Surprise You!

Christian Bale needs no introduction. He had portrayed the character of Batman in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy which includes Batman Origins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012). The series was one of best superhero movie series ever made and had also won an Oscar for the Best Actor in the Supporting Role (Male) played by Heath Ledger in 2009. He portrayed the character of Joker in the Dark Knight and gave a performance of a lifetime.

But now the question is whether Christian Bale will ever return to play any other comic book character?

Christian Bale has been recently interviewed by the Collider for his latest movie, The Promise and asked if he would like to do another superhero flick or even work for Marvel Studios. Well, the answer is disheartening for the fans as he said a big NO and is not interested in doing any more superhero movies. The actor said:

No, I’m not interested in doing that. I’ve never seen — I’m trying to think if that’s correct, I think I’m actually correct, I can’t remember a single superhero film that I’ve ever watched. Apart from the ones I made and like, the Christopher Reeve Superman films.

Bale also said that he enjoyed watching Donner Superman movies but had never seen any other comic book movie.

Yes. Yes, I love those. Other than that, no I’ve never seen anything.

The comic book movie genre is growing rapidly but this has failed to lure the actor into doing any more superhero movies.

Right. Yes. I have no understanding of it and I’m completely blind to it.

Christian BaleThe actor left the role of Batman after its trilogy and the role later went to Ben Affleck who recently played the role in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and then in Suicide Squad and will continue to play the role in the upcoming Justice League.

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