10 MCU Superheroes Who Will Form The ‘New Avengers’ In Phase 4

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has established itself as the biggest brand of Hollywood in the last 10 years. 19 movies have been released till now and collectively they have earned over $16 Billion; add another $2 Billion at least for the upcoming Avengers 4.

This year marked the beginning of the culmination of whatever has been done in the MCU till now. Post-Avengers 4, MCU is going to have a new beginning as things are going to change drastically.

Contracts of the major stars that have led MCU through 3 Phases will come to an end and the reins will be taken over by others. Infinity War was the bloodiest event in the history of MCU as half of the universe faded away just by the snap of Thanos.

Here are the superheroes who are expected to come back in Avengers 4 and form the New Avengers in Phase 4:

Doctor Strange

doctor strange powers

We have seen so little of one of Marvel’s strongest superheroes. The Sorcerer Supreme had only his solo movie and a little cameo in Thor: Ragnarok apart from his major role in Infinity War. He is going to play a significant role in Avengers 4 as well and has the capability to be one of the big guns of MCU in Phase 4.


Within 5 years, Spidey is going to be in 6 movies, out of which 3 are going to be the team up movies that we will be done with till 2019 itself, and then 3 are going to be solo movies. So far we have seen him in Civil War, Homecoming and Infinity War. He was recruited by Tony Stark to fight for his team in Civil War and since it was his first gig, he was pretty impressive.

Next year is going to bring us Avengers 4 and Homecoming 2. Then finally, Spider-Man is going to finish his trilogy in 2021. So, this means that 2 movies in Phase 4 will already be there. After that, Spidey will be open for more team up movies, and thus will be one of the major parts of The New Avengers.

White Wolf

We saw Bucky Barnes getting a new code name – White Wolf at the end of Black Panther who is actually the adopted brother of King T’Challa. Although Bucky died in the Infinity War, we are quite sure he’ll come back in the upcoming Avengers 4 and will be a part of the New Avengers as Sebastian Stan still has few more movies left in his contract with Marvel. Apart from this, it’s already confirmed that Chris Evans is retiring from the MCU so that makes Stan one of the most probable candidates to portray the character of Captain America in the future.


With Bucky taking up White Wolf, the mantle of Captain America may be open for Sam Wilson aka Falcon as well after Avengers 4. Being Captain America, he may get a more significant role in Phase 4!


Shuri, for now, is being teased as the tech genius The New Avengers may need in the future. In Age of Ultron, we saw Tony playing the part of providing the team with all the tech that they need. This role may be carried forward by Shuri, and she can totally fight as an Avenger as well which we saw her do in Black Panther and Infinity War recently.

Scarlet Witch

We have seen Wanda appear in just 3 movies and we saw what she can do with her powers in Avengers: Infinity War. Although she’s currently dead, we are quite sure that she will also come back.

We have seen very less of her, so she will probably survive and be a major part of the Avengers that will be formed in Phase 4.

Ant-Man & The Wasp

The Wasp is going to have a pretty minor role in Avengers 4 as mentioned by Evangeline Lilly herself, so that opens of the possibility for Scott Lang’s Ant-Man to be one of the prominent members of the Avengers in the future. But if Lang does end up dying in Avengers 4, the Hope Van Dyne may also have the opportunity to show up as an Avenger just like the comics.


Well, this is going to raise a lot of eyebrows since Vision was brutally killed by Thanos in the Avengers: Infinity War. But according to what Paul Bettany has said in his interviews, we have been given a hint at Vision’s survival without the Mind Stone, so anything is possible. Also, we haven’t seen the real might of Vision on screen, so he may become a part of the ‘New Avengers’ in Phase 4.

Black Panther

Black Panther was introduced into the MCU in Captain America: Civil War where he accompanied his father King T’Chaka representing Wakanda at the UN. Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa aka Black Panther totally nailed the character and it was just a matter of time for Marvel to announce a solo Black Panther movie. They brought Ryan Coogler who previously directed Creed to come at the helm of this project.

Ryan & Co. created a revolution and Black Panther had a huge opening at the box-office. Panther has cemented his place in the MCU for the next 10 years! He may take up the role of Iron Man, being one of the leaders of the New Avengers and providing them with the resources and guidance. Also, since he opened Wakanda to the entire world, the technologically advanced Kingdom may play a major role in the future as well.

Captain Marvel

captain marvel powers MCU Superheroes avengers in phase 4 avengers 4

She will be the strongest hero Marvel has ever put out and we will surely not be done with her after just Avengers 4. Her character arc is going to be huge in Marvel’s future and she will become the real leader of the New Avengers in Phase 4 just like Captain America has been till now. She will be officially launched into her solo movie which will be an origin story set in 1990’s. Then when all hope is lost for Avengers and Guardians, she will come to rescue humanity from the stranglehold of Thanos and Black Order.


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