6 Things to take from Quantico Season 1 Episode 2



It has just been two episodes down and the plot twists and drama have already piqued beyond imagination. America, episode two of Quantico gave us some answers but till what extent? The NATs have some serious black spots that, I hope, comes to the spotlight by this season. Or we might be in for a long-drawn Prison Break-esque show. Here’s my take on the NATs:


Simon Asher


Being the first openly gay NAT seems like an amazing feat, but my gaydar has been unambiguously silent since the first episode. The deal with Elias Harper, the analyst, only reinforces that fact. Simon has an infatuation with Nimah and I believe this has something to do with his secrets: Gaza, the spectacles. Can he be hiding an entire identity from the FBI? I hope Elias gets there and gets there fast.


Shelby Wyatt


The FBI did a thorough background check on their NATs so they probably did not conveniently forget to trace an Arabic number on her personal cell phone. Did you see that smile on her face when she answered that call? Maybe it’s a romantic interest. But the subtle romantic stir between Shelby and Caleb is one thing that does not fit the mood of the show and I hope they aren’t taking it there. The thing with Shelby is, she’s entirely in the grey. She is either innocent or just that good.


Caleb Haas


Caleb might have some serious beef with the FBI, what with being kicked out and being the only Haas to not be in the Bureau for a long time. He is also a superb analyst which means he’s good with tech. Plus, he comes from a family of Special Agents. Motive and means, I say. Parrish is first in class and obviously the brightest. He might be framing her out of jealousy. He was on his phone throughout the episode: he is either super bored, super nonchalant or super creepy. Who is Mark Raymond, Caleb?


Nimah and Raina


Shaw says that they are an experiment. For the sake of Shaw, I really hope that the so-called experiment hasn’t backfired and the twins aren’t terrorists. Their characters are the most intriguing so far. I cannot wait to explore the mysterious experiment. Was Nimah being sarcastic with her “peace, safety and stability” talk? Again, cannot wait to delve deeper into the twins’ mysteries.


Natalie Vasquez


Natalie is Alex’s typical modern day nemesis. She tries to beat her physically, mentally and romantically. Her role, till now, has been pretty straightforward. She graduates, becomes an agent and also becomes Liam’s pawn. Law enforcement, fake scars: Natalie is going to be one interesting character.


Spot the Needle might have me believing that Parrish is innocent. But the others are hiding secrets that should have prevented them from being enrolled into the program in the first place. Though the NATs are not the only suspects here.

“The recruit you fell in love with or the terrorist who rejected you” (Well, DAMN! What are you up to Liam?)

The following episodes should focus more on straightening out the twists and turns already introduced before they lose track of so many loose ends.

PS: I love that they introduced the analysts (I mean Elias, of course).

Anwesha Bhattacharya

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