5 Reasons Why DEADPOOL Is The Best Superhero Movie Of 2016

As 2016 is nearly closing to its tale end, it’s become more clear that Deadpool is by far, the best superhero movie of the year. Here are five reasons to prove this fact:

Ryan Reynolds Was Deadpool:


The actor had taken on the film as a passion project for ten years, so you could see the actor knew his part head to toe. From his perfectly timed smart ass quips to being in costume, it seemed like the Hollywood universe had finally did something right by pairing an actor that was the epitome of what Deadpool would be in real life.

Deadpool Is a Genuine Standalone Film:


Standalone films these days have this annoying habit of not completing the film’s story. Cliffhangers and teasers have alluded superheroes movies over the years, and it seemed like we would never see a genuine standalone film.  Batman v Superman teased the imminent arrival of Steppenwolf and Captain America: Civil war was just a back story for what would happen in Infinity wars, a never ending circle that sometimes can be tiring for an occasional movie viewer. Deadpool did not care for what would happen in the sequel, had a beginning, a middle and an end. There was no unfinished business that irked your mind.

Deadpool Did Not take Itself Too Seriously:


The film accomplished something that no other superhero has been able to do. It has retained a sense of humour that did not seemed forced, unlike last Spider-Man movies who have lacked in the Peter Parker zany quips from the comics or even Suicide squad, which was funny for all the wrong reasons. Deadpool’s  vulgar humour and  the self-aware jokes of being a superhero movie seemed to somehow work seamlessly throughout the whole film.

The R-Rating Provided Quality Content:


Deadpool proved that a PG-13 was not necessary for a successful superhero film. The comic books were always graphic with violence, with adult language and some gore added in, that was what made the comics appealing. Deadpool seemed to stay true to the comics, and it paid off. There was a large adult audience which was craving for an R-rated superhero movie, and Deadpool seemed to meet those needs.

The Storyline Was Not Complicated For Audiences To Follow:


While Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Extended Universe deals with alien invasions and inner team disputes, Deadpool is pretty simple for any average movie viewer to follow. At its core, it’s a comedy film that has romance and a revenge tale thrown in the mix. The actors are also given a chance to shine as action sequences and CGI do not rule over the movie.

Amy Fanai

Movie lover who writes about movies.
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