A Big Mistake Proves that the New Captain America Shield Isn’t Made of Vibranium

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier has preserved the legacy of Captain America that was passed on to Sam by Steve in the final moments of Avengers: Endgame. It has established new stories. These plot threads will surely be explored in the future of MCU. Be it in the form of series or movies, I believe that the MCU has successful expanded beyond Phase 3. We got to see other streams leading into a much intricate plot. In a series of events involving Sam’s indecisiveness and John Walker rocking Cap’s shield, we got to see other streams leading into a much intricate plot. The series redeemed two of its main characters – Bucky and Sharon Carter.

No good show or movie goes without scrutiny from an eagle-eyed fan. Be it good or bad, the details that fans can spot are unbelievable. Marvel’s Phase 4 was kicked off by WandaVision which starred Elizabeth Olsen (Wanda) and Paul Bettany (Vision). Fans noticed a diamond in the dust detail with Vision as well. It featured a costume blunder that exposed a bit of Paul Bettany’s white skin, which of course should be red. And now, it’s The Falcon and The Winter Soldier in the magnifying glass.

During the fight between Bucky, Sam, and Walker, there’s a moment where Bucky wields Cap’s shield. Here, it is made clear that the prop is not actually made out of Vibranium, or even metal for that matter. To reduce the weight, Stan was given a rather bendy shield made out of silicon. And it is quite funny to look at. Twitter user @buckanans spotted the detail. They wrote: “I have been laughing at the bendy shield for TEN MINUTES.”

Check out the tweet below:

Nobody is perfect, and neither is Marvel. Such easy-to-miss always lands in the eyes of a fan. Then starts the rounds of passing it on. Fans have absolutely loved The Falcon and The Winter Soldier because of how deeply narrated it was. The show not only focused on Sam and Bucky’s personal lives but their inner demons as well that are very well complimented by the evil elements of the society as well. Every new and returning character bodes well with the show in its diameter.

This particular mistake made the show more enjoyable. Even the comment section did not leave the narrative of the show.

Some of the comments included: “Someone call Walker, I think they gave him a fake one from the beginning.”

Another user added: “It’s melting because of Bucky’s hotness.”

Another quipped: “Bucky really is that strong.”

Although, this particular mistake does not tarnish the legacy of the show in any way whatsoever. Nothing can overshadow the reveal including Sam’s new life as Captain America. No one can undermine Bucky’s battle with his demons and finally redeeming himself.

If you are hoping to see the duo in action again, then patiently wait for the newly announced Captain America 4. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s head writer, Malcolm Spellman, is signed on to write the script with Dalan Musson.

During the latest episode of Marvel Studios: Assembled, Spellman explains that this movie will incorporate the ongoing struggle of Sam with society:

Isaiah is challenging Sam just on whether or not a Black man should be Captain America. He has that line where [he says] ‘They will never let a Black man be Captain America. And even if they would, no self-respecting Black man would ever want to be.’ We didn’t want Isaiah to be wrong about that. That’s gonna be part of [Sam’s] ongoing struggle. He says, ‘I know every time I pick the shield up, a portion of the world is gonna hate me for it.’ Sam’s gotta live with that as he goes off and tries to make this work.

Created by Malcolm Spellman and directed by Kari Skogland, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier stars Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Emily VanCamp, Wyatt Russell, Noah Mills, Carl Lumbly, and Daniel Brühl. All episodes are now streaming on Disney+.

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