5 Deaths in DC That You Were Made To Believe Happened

A lot of times superheroes die, well also a lot of times there are retcons and histories altered so as to achieve the needs of the DC comics, because of which they come back from the dead. Here are some such superhero deaths that almost happened, which we were even made to believe that happened but didn’t actually happen:

Wonder Girl

In the events of ‘The Blackest Night Nekron makes Wonder Woman a black lantern, and she then boy11 goes on a killing spree. Be it ripping the heart out of her sidekick, Wonder Girl or killing her own mother, this all happens until Aphrodite comes, in the end, explaining it to her that it was so that she and all her loved ones remain safe.

Justice League Dead

Here J’onn Jones is a member of the Lantern Corps as well as Justice league, all’s well until the members of the Justice League die in mysterious circumstances — Batman is murdered, Wonder the ever so strong Woman can be seen hanged, Green Lantern is somewhere in the coldest region of the space, Aquaman, deprived of water is trapped in a desert, and the Flash can be seen running even without a head. Superman too is murdered by the Martian Manhunter with a Kryptonite., but in the end, it was all but an illusion cast by D’Kay.

Stephanie Brown

Brown was the female Robin, who died a pretty intense death leaving the fans really angry. All through she’s being tortured with power drills while being forced into sexualising positions. She manages to escape though, but while on the run is eventually shot and kicked down the stairs resulting in her death. Or did it? As later there is a ‘Beeeeep’ in the hospital where she can be seen alive.

Batman Killed By Darkseid

Batman’s death here was a surprise to all, as he was considered too cool to die. In his final confrontation with Darkseid, the Dark Knight fires a radion bullet at him, the same bullet that killed Orion and severely wounds the villain. But moments later, he is killed by Dark Sied’s Omega Beam. Nope, that didn’t last for long as it was later revealed that he actually was sent back to pre-historic times.

Superman VS Doomsday


Of course, he had to be on this list. Superman is well, super. Someone who is almost unbreakable and unkillable. Even when Doomsday ‘killed’ him, in the comic even titled ‘The Death Of Superman’ it was later revealed that he was actually in a pretty deep sleep. Make your mind already DC.

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