5 Major Casting Mistakes To Play Iconic Supervillains

Supervillains are the guys that make the heroes look strong and good, they are actually the guys that run the films. But when the villain is bad, well, the films are bound to be failures. Here are five actors who could have portrayed different supervillains way better than what they did.

Peter Sarsgaard – Green Lantern

Peter Sarsgaard had just one job, a great job that could have helped save the Green Lantern film, he had to portray his own role, not the role of Starfire, that is the evil version of Carol Ferris. A jealous ex-lover, a loud mouth is nowhere close to his character. He originally was meant to be, fewer words, more play, a manipulative evil brain.

Jeep Swenson – Batman and Robin

Thank God, we had Tom Hardy portraying Bane to make us know what the character is really like. Strong, manipulative, HAVING GREAT INTELLECT, Bane is someone who laid siege to Gotham for months and not just someone who broke the Bat’s back. Swenson, however, is ll shouting and grunting with no brains. More of a Solomon Grundy.

Toby Kebbell – Fantastic4

Doctor Doom’s name alone is enough to strike fear into the hearts of people, but Kebbell’s Doom portrayal was less Doom and more Annihilus, just massacring people throughout the film, like some mad man, and not a mastermind.

Topher Grace – Spider-Man 3

Whatever you may think of the Spider-Man 3 film, we are not getting into that, Topher Grace playing Venom, however, was a bad choice and all know this. This is very evident as his character, devastated by the separation from Gwen Stacy seems more like Jackal rather than Venom.

Jessie Eisenberg – Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice


Be it his quirky and schizophrenic personality, or the way he goes about things, his role could not go any further to actually what Lex Luthor’s character is. A strong entrepreneur with a real sharp intellect, going about defeating Superman in all mental battles, this was but a great joke. Eisenberg could have been a great Riddler but he was nowhere close to Lex Luthor.

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