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Loki Episode 3 Hinted At The Sad Truth About Mobius

The Disney+ series Loki recently released its episode 3 titled, “Lamentis”. We see Loki and Sylvie stranded in an apocalyptic time frame where the moon, Lamentis, is about to get destroyed. While we saw a lot of interaction between Loki and Sylvie, we did not get to see Mobius anywhere. His whereabouts were not mentioned in the episode and we ask ourselves just one question – What is his current status? Before leaving with Loki for his mission, Judge Renslayer warned him that any bad outcome of his decision would be on his shoulders. But episode 3 hinted at the sad truth about Mobius. Let’s have a look!

Episode 3 Hinted At The Sad Truth About Mobius

Viewers of Loki got to watch Mobius, unlike any other TVA member. He was the one who saved Loki from being obliterated and took him out on his first-ever field mission. Over the course of two episodes, Loki and Mobius seemed to have formed an unspoken bond. We were in love with the duo and their banters. BUt episode 3 revealed a sad truth about this humorous TVA agent.

Loki and Mobius had a philosophical discussion about the TVA and Asgard in episode 2 debating on what’s true and what’s not. But before that, they briefly talk about jet skis. Mobius was reading a magazine about jet skis. This prompted Loki to ask if he had ever ridden a jet ski. To which Mobius lowly replied that he had, saying that he would cause a branch in the Sacred Timeline if he did. Loki tells him that it would be fun to ride one, to which Mobius doesn’t even hesitate to agree.

Would Loki Tell Mobius That He Is A Variant Too?

Episode 3 of Loki brought in a major confirmation for all the viewers. Sylvie revealed that she had to scout through deep memories of Hunter C-20 after she enchanted her. It is when she reveals to Loki that members of the TVA are a variant themselves. Loki was beyond surprised. Well, even I was. He claimed that they are not aware of that. So what happens when Loki eventually sees Mobius? I think he will tell him that.

Sad Truth About Mobius

How would Mobius react to this news? Ever since the beginning of the show, he has been seeing defending the TVA and Time-Keepers in every argument with Loki. His dedication and loyalty to the organization are unbelievable. If we go by my theory, then Loki will tell Mobius about the truth. And then they will it deeper into the truth. Eventually, Mobius will team up with Loki and Sylvie in their goal. It would be interesting to see this approach coming to life.

This was the sad truth about Mobius that episode 3 of Loki revealed. The show is available for streaming on Disney+, with new episodes coming every Wednesday.

Do you think Mobius will get to ride Jet Skis at some point? Let us know in the comments.

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