8 John Wick Moments That Prove Deadpool Has The Best Man To Direct Its Sequel 

As we know that Tim Miller is no longer directing Deadpool 2 because of differences between him and Ryan Reynolds so David Leitch has been appointed to direct this movie. This guy had done an awesome job with John Wick making it one of the best action movies of recent times. Here we are going to list 8 moments of John Wick to show that David Leitch is the right man to direct Deadpool 2.

Home invasion

The first action scene of the movie was one to remember as Viggo sends his 12 deadliest men to kill John and this was the first time we saw the fabled assassin in action. The way he kicked ass in this fight showed that he can even fight without guns. That’s what we also want to see in Deadpool the way he can fight hand to hand without using any weapons. We know that David Leitch was a stunt coordinator before so there is no doubt that the action is going to be amazing.

Cop checking for Noise Complaint

David Leitch showed his ability to be funny right after the home invasion scene when a cop comes to John’s house with a noise complaint and on seeing dead bodies lying on the floor he asks John if he has started working again. Deadpool needs a director with a good sense of humor as one of the main things about Deadpool is his big mouth and his comic approach to everything. Hence a director who understands humor can do wonders with this character.

Red Circle club Scene

Undoubtedly one of the best scenes of the movie was where we see why John Wick is called the Baba Yaga. The way he enters the club and starts killing is amazing. How he can take on multiple targets at once. The action in this part just showed directing master class. If we get to see these kinds of action scenes in Deadpool 2, there is no doubt that it will be a blockbuster. The really cool part about this scene is when we saw him running out of bullets and he has to change his magazine, which gave a realistic touch to this unrealistic action scene.

The Boogeyman comes

When Viggo’s men discover that John Wick is in the club and they try to take him out. He takes on guard after guard killing them with ease using his so-called ‘Gun-fu’. Even though the sense of reality in this scene is high it is awesome and this is just about what we need from Deadpool. Even though we know Deadpool and John Wick are very different characters we hope that David handles Deadpool as well as he handled John.

Fight at the Continental

This scene showed a fight between John and Ms. Perkins. The intensity of this fight scene was awesome. As we know that Deadpool 2 has Domino and we can expect a similarly intense but humorous fight between Domino and Deadpool. This is something to look up to and we hope that it is as good as we expect it to be. This was a well-coordinated fight keeping to the concept of heightened sense of reality.

Plastic bag

This refers to the plastic bag used to asphyxiate John after he was knocked down and captured by Viggo’s men. This is a part where we can say that no one is invincible not even the famous John Wick. A character like Deadpool is actually invincible but we don’t want the movie to be one-sided hence we need Deadpool to be down at least once and we can see from this part that David is capable to do that with relative ease making it yet another epic scene.

Killing the enemy

Josef played by Alfie Allen was on the ground pleading for his life saying that it was just a dog and John Wick mercilessly puts a bullet in him. Doesn’t this remind you of Deadpool’s last scene where he kills Ajax in a similar fashion?? This shows that the director understands that if something personal is taken from anyone there is no scope for him to show mercy. This is also very true for Deadpool as he loves and treasures the thing closest to him and doesn’t hesitate to kill whatever tries to harm them.

Car action scene


The last action sequence of John Wick where he just uses a car to run over and shoot the few remaining guards if we can add a little humor to that scene it would make a hilarious scene for Deadpool. This scene could be one of the main reasons David Leitch got the director’s job. We expect a lot from this stunt coordinator turned director and we hope he doesn’t let us down. One very import thing about directing Deadpool is to live up to the fans expectations and do justice to the character.

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