The Rings of Power Trailer Shows Connections and Characters from the Original Trilogy

The Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power is probably one of the most anticipated OTT shows coming in 2022. After Jeff Bezos’ declaration that he wants the next Game of ThronesThe Rings of Power landed in his hands and made a deal to be released on prime video. Amazon seems to be gearing up for the release of the show with the SuperBowl trailer premiering last night. There were a lot of easter eggs in The Rings of Power trailer. But the plot points have been kept purposefully vague. In this 1 minute clip, we have received some beautiful sequences displaying the grand scale of the show but no plot details. Take a look:-

The Rings of Power Trailer

The trailer covers some important bits. let’s go through them step by step. First, let me make it perfectly clear that there has been no official synopsis for the show. We don’t know anything about the plot, all we know is that this show will cover the events before The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings movies. It is supposed to be a prequel series, so much so that even The Shire does not exist at the time this series takes place. Presumably, the show will cover the lead-up to the rise and conquest of Sauron.


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We may see the evil lord forge the ring of power. The show might also give us insight into what the purpose of the said forging was, well, beyond raw power. There are certain things that have become apparent from this trailer. First of these is the importance of Galadriel as a character in this show. We can see her trying to scale a snowy cliff at the start of the trailer and then she is seen riding into battle on horseback. There are also snippets of Elven warriors in their gold armor.


It seems that there is going to be a catastrophic event that will cause the races to band together. More likely than not, this catastrophic event will be perpetuated by Sauron or one of his allies. The races are not exactly friends in The Lord of the Rings Franchise. But The Rings of Sacrifice will try to iterate how these races worked together. The trailer also features the Harfoot. For the uninitiated, Hobbits are the residents of The Shire.


The Connections

The Rings of Power trailer

But the ones who established The Shire were the Harfoot. Markella Kavanagh plays the Harfoot seen in the trailer and she also seems to be the one who is narrating the trailer. There is a brave new world out there and these characters are about to realize that this world will soon change. Sauron is on the prowl. His ambition is rising. He will soon attack the kingdoms to establish absolute dominion over everything under the sun. It seems that the only person who can gauge this threat is Galadriel. There was a plot leak a while back which suggested that she will be the central protagonist of the series.


If that is the case then she might act as the warning for the upcoming threat, though everyone may not believe her at the start. We think that it will be the elves who will be the hardest to convince. While the Harfoot might be the easiest. With their connection to the natural world, Harfoot and Hobbits have always been at the center of great events in this universe and we think that this show might not be any different. Whatever the case might be, it is going to be a very interesting ride.


But we are concerned about the release date of the show. It has been in production for a long time and although we have received this super bowl trailer, the show will only release in September. We would be very happy if there are no delays as this project has been in development for quite some time. What do you think of the plot of this show, do you believe that we might get some new insight into the history of this universe? Maybe it will be about what we already know but from a different perspective. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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