WandaVision: 3 Major References In The Show’s Commercials

WandaVision has now released on Disney+ and is a show that doesn’t need to have a commercial, but it does which is designed in a way to connect the show to other Marvel Cinematic Universe characters. For many fans, the biggest question that comes with Scarlet Witch getting a new suit is if the character’s headpiece from the comics will be incorporated. The same poster shows another scene with Wanda wearing the large headpiece as part of her Halloween costume. If this comes into play where we will see Wanda dress more like her appearance in the comics, it is going to be a proper treat. Fans always complain about not incorporating the actual looks from the comics, so this might be the time where we see the comics coming into better play.

It has been revealed that the WandaVision cast will apparently include an actor who viewers won’t be able to see coming, according to one of the show’s stars. The MCU show is now just a mere few days away from premiering on Disney+, but casting news continues to abound. The buzz for the series is building and it should come as no surprise that the MCU has some more tricks up its sleeve that hasn’t been leaked yet.

WandaVision Major References

Outside of Vision (Paul Bettany) and Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), much of the show’s cast has already been revealed. Kathryn Hahn will be playing Agnes, the nosy neighbor Teyonah Parris is playing a grown-up Monica Rambeau, and Kat Dennings and Randall Park are reprising their roles as Darcy Lewis and FBI Agent Jimmy Woo, respectively. At least in terms of the main cast, that doesn’t give a lot of breathing room for a significant surprise actor to join the ensemble. Now there are specifically three things in the first couple of ads that are worthy of highlighting, and we’ll begin with that beeping toaster.

Stark Industries Include A Line Of Toaster Products

We’ve known about the capitalist ventures of Howard Stark ever since the early days of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the commercial in the first episode of WandaVision sheds some funny light on his product line. A shown first in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Wanda and her brother, Pietro, had a rather traumatic experience as a result of Stark Industries technology when they were growing up in Sokovia.

Did Wolfgang von Strucker Come From A Family of WatchMakers?

WandaVision Major References
WandaVision Major References

Speaking of sinister, “Strucker” is another name that has some really negative connotations with Scarlet Witch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it’s strange to see his name in a fancy watch commercial. Strucker in the context of Wanda immediately brings to mind that he was the one who was technically responsible for giving her powers. Under his command, Hydra used the Mind Stone to perform experiments on Sokovian citizens, and Wanda and Pietro were the only two to survive. Given this association, is Wolfgang von Strucker’s “presence” a looming portent of trouble? (As though the show doesn’t have enough of those).

The Watch Being Set At 2:42

WandaVision Major References
WandaVision Major References

Looking at the screenshot above, you may notice that something doesn’t look quite right about the face of the timepiece. It’s traditional that when watches are being displayed that they show the time 10:10, as in that position both the hour and minute hands are fully displayed and posed at an aesthetically pleasing angle.

So why is this Strucker watch set to 2:42? It’s true that you do still get to clearly see both hands in the position, but the numbers themselves may reveal a huge Easter egg.

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