10 Crazy Fan Theories About MCU Villains That Are Probably True

In Black Panther, Killmonger showed us what a real MCU villain can actually accomplish. He ultimately made us fall in love with a villain and we all wanted so much more. Now the fans are trying to make connections for building backstories and theories about MCU villains. They want every villain to rise to the standard of Killmonger. So they have made little side stories to ensure that the bad guys remain in the spotlight. Here, check out the craziest fan theories which might actually be true:

1. Frigga is not Hela’s mother


Redditor HighTreazon says that Hela is not actually Frigga’s daughter. She is the child of a different woman sired by Odin. She was born during Odin’s darker and more bloodthirsty days of conquest. Odin went away on a campaign and returned with Hela who grew up somewhat resented by Frigga. The fan said that for a long time, he fancied that Hela’s mother was actually Lady Death.

2. Thanos Had Galactus as His Back-Up

Theories About MCU Villains

Redditor u/UpwardSpiral00‘s Galactus theory is quite amazing!

3. The Collector could finish collecting the Stones according to the Asgardians


Redditor u/ValhallAtchaBoy says that Asgardians gave a powerful item to a being that is not trustworthy. But Thor was aware of what the Collector was doing. He is obsessed with collecting. If he had one Infinity Stone, he could have obsessively collected the others. This also worked in Guardians of the Galaxy where The Collector contacted Gamora and offered to pay her to bring the Orb. Without Tivan’s interference, the stone would have gone directly to Ronan.

4. Thanos used calculated moves to subdue Hulk


Redditor u/mybustersword says that Thanos was aware of Hulk getting stronger with ager. So Thanos knows that he has to interrupt the process internally. In the first fight scene, Thanos hits Hulk’s neck and chin. The attack to these areas disrupts the flow of oxygen by restricting the ability to breathe and disorient the brain by concussive force. The calculated moves by Thanos impacts Hulk’s internal organs and adrenal glands, slowing the ability to think and mentally stun him.

5. How Steve could resist Thanos?

According to Redditor u/XanPerkyCheck, there is a scene where Steve Rogers resists Thanos wearing the gauntlet. Now how was that possible? The glove actually works by responding to the will of the user. At that moment, both of them were in physical contact with the glove. Because none of the Infinity Stones were being actively used, they responded to Thanos’ and Rogers’ wills respectively.

6. Why Red Skull was deformed instead of Steve Rogers?


Redditor u/rafael-a says that in Steve Rogers’ transformation scene, there is a small joke where Erskine injects him with penicillin beforehand. It was important since the human body is full of bacteria and the Super Serum can enhance microbes. So they should be killed beforehand. But Red Skull injected the serum by himself. This enhanced the bacteria and the growth in such a way that they destroyed the skin of his face.

7. How Red Skull actually weaponized the Tesseract?

Redditor u/blueliger2 says that in the first Captain America movie, Red Skull used the Tesseract to power his weapons. They were used upon the German personnel at the beginning of the movie. But they simply vanish when they get hit. So, Red Skull probably weaponized a teleporter accident, since its uncontrolled teleportation could have disintegrated them by sending every atom of their body in a random distance and direction.

8. Ultron fell in love with Wanda


According to Redditor u/Lumba, Vision and Ultron are AI counterparts. So they might share a love for Wanda. When Wanda turns against Ultron, he says, “Please, don’t do this.” Later he says to Vision, “You took away my world.” So other than a few robots, Ultron lost Wanda. The evidence of this love can be seen towards the end where Ultron is nearly defeated. He says to Wanda, “Wanda… if you stay here, you’ll die.”

9. Loki’s duplicates use the left hand

Theories About MCU Villains

According to Redditor u/radkarth, Loki is right-handed. In all the MCU movies, he wields with his right hand. But there have been some occasions where he used his left hand. In Thor: The Dark World, he was holding the dagger with his left hand. The second is from Infinity War where he stabs Thanos. So, it is possible that the Loki that was killed in the beginning of Infinity War was an illusion and he is still out there, disguised or hiding.

10. Why Star Lord punched Thanos?

Redditor u/HansDanz says that Doctor Strange saw 14,000,605 outcomes of the battle and there was only one where the Avengers won. But he didn’t stop Star Lord from hitting Thanos since this was a part of the plan. The others were too weak to handle the gauntlet at that time except for Thanos and Bruce. Destroying the stones would be the only way to end the fight of the villains with the Avengers. It was imperative that Thanos got the stones and later destroyed them.

What do you think about these fan theories about MCU villains? Let us know in the comments.

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