5 Tragic Love Affairs of Batman That Will Shock Every DC Fan

When it comes to Superheroes, we all know it’s a fake when they say that the hero always gets the girl. Or it may be true to a point. Batman again is one such hero who even though is a millionaire and has a number of girls drooling over him, but he can’t seem to get permanence with any of the. Listed below are some of the girls with whom Batman has had some romantic relation.

Julie Madison

Batman’s first love interest and a fiancé who made her first appearance in the Detective Comics in 1939 as a socialite actress who got caught in the middle of Batman’s conflict with a vampiric monk and then in his conflict with Clayface. But Bruce and she mutually broke off their engagement as she decided to join the peace corps.

Vicky Vale

She was the reporter for the Gotham Gazette. The Lois Lane type character was attracted to both Bruce Wayne as well as the Batman individually and had her doubts about Bruce being the Batman. Though she was misled by Bruce about his identity initially, she eventually comes to know the truth but decides not to report it as she believes that what the Batman is doing is more important than the truth.

Silver Saint Cloud

Silver was another socialite, was a hostess to the elite and wealthy of Gotham City. She after seeing Bruce’s scars came to know about his identity as Batman, because of which she left him. This lead Bruce being devastated knowing that his crime-fighting persona is what drove her away, this, in turn, leads Bruce to give up the cape for quite a while. But after a while, the two got together again and got engaged eventually. Their romance was short-lived though as the villain Onomatopoeia kills Silver.

Talia Al Ghul

She is Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter who falls for Batman, both get married and Talia eventually becomes pregnant. In order to save her from an assassination Bruce when tries to protect her, almost dying himself, she realizes that their relationship would only make Bruce overprotective. So she fakes a miscarriage and both end their marriage. This storyline leads to the creation of Damian Wayne, the newest Robin.

Selina Kyle


She has been the longest love interest of Batman. Her first appearance goes all the way to Batman #1 in 1940. On Earth 2, which is considered to be the Golden Age DC Universe, Selina and Bruce are married and also have a child, Helena Wayne, who grows up to be the Huntress. In the 22nd issue of the new 52, Batman proposes Selina.

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