How Wanda’s Childhood Memory Creates An Age of Ultron Plot Hole

WandaVision’s episode 8, “Previously On”, dived into Wanda’s traumatic past. The title is appropriate. The episode re-enacted all the traumatic events from Wanda’s life. Wanda lost her parents, then her brother. After Pietro, she lost Vision. Moreover, in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, she had to kill Vision by herself. Wanda Maximoff has truly been a victim. Agnes revealed that all this pain caused her to live a “happily ever after” life in Westview. Wanda did not realize that she had taken the entire town hostage.

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During the flashback, we see Wanda in her early days with her family. She was seen with her parents and Pietro. This scene also explained her love of American sitcoms. This is when the bombings happened. In the first strike, Wanda and Pietro lost their parents. The Maximoff twins laid low for 2 days, waiting for another Stark missile to go off, and kill them as well. This never happened because the missile didn’t go off.

The reason for this was explained by Agatha Harkness. She proposed the method of “probability hex”. Wanda is capable of carrying out the “probability hex”. In this, Wanda can simply tip the scale in her favor. This allows her to get whatever she wants. She changed the probability of something happening. Only if Wanda knew that she is going to lose her parents, she would have saved them too. Hence, altering the reality around her.

This particular flashback has contradicted a major scene in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’. It was when the Maximoff twins were telling Ultron about their parents. He told the story of the same night. In it, they were “having dinner, the four of us.” Wanda was silent, subtly agreeing with Pietro. Apart from this particular moment, everything else checks out with the flashback scene in WandaVision. In WandaVision’s flashback scene, the Maximoff family has already had their dinner. It was then that they started watching Wanda’s favorite sitcom.

How Wanda's Childhood Memory Creates An Age of Ultron Plot Hole

WandaVision scene did show TV dinners on the trays next to them. Wanda had to fully confront her past in episode 8, “Previously On”, following Agatha’s commands. Vision died in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. But Wanda’s grief has been prolonging ever since. All she has done is suppress her trauma. Wanda resurrected after the ‘Blip’. But Vision did not, and Wanda let go of everything. With this loss, Wanda had no one in her life that she could call family. This provoked her to use “Chaos Magic”, as explained by Agatha Harkness. Episode 8 also introduced Wanda as the Scarlet Witch for the first time.

The re-enactment of Wanda’s past was extremely crucial in WandaVision. This particular episode has set up Wanda’s origins. But there is a very interesting detail to notice here. It is intriguing if she remembers playing out these scenes differently. Wanda has suppressed her trauma all these years. She has never properly addressed it. Wanda’s grief is still not out in the realm of possibility.

How Wanda's Childhood Memory Creates An Age of Ultron Plot Hole

Wanda was not fully aware of her powers. Agatha Harkness told her what she’s capable of. Her biggest strength is ‘Chaos Magic’. This allows her to create anything out of the sheer will. We did see Wanda build a house from scratch. This happened because ‘Chaos Magic’ came into play. She even created Vision, simply using her powers. All the grief that Wanda holds makes her stronger. But this plot hole explains that she might not remember some of the events in their actuality.

It is highly doubtful if this will be addressed in the last episode of WandaVision. Only if the real Pietro comes and explains it to Wanda. This seems too far-fetched. The Maximoff twins were first introduced in 2015’s ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’. Ultron plays a big role in Wanda’s life. That is because Ultron killed Pietro. His name was even mentioned in WandaVision by Monica Rambeau. Mere mentioning Ultron’s name got Wanda so angry that she blasted Monica out of the hex.

If the real Pietro returns, he could jog Wanda’s memory. That would make he realize that she remembers it incorrectly. Or else, give her more confirmation that she is now more right than ever. It could also be that it is just one of the MCU’s inconsistencies in continuity. Or it could simply be a foggy childhood memory. It is said that the brain rewrites the memory over and over again. This means that you can never truly remember the events in the exactway that they happened.

How Wanda's Childhood Memory Creates An Age of Ultron Plot Hole

WandaVision’s finale episode number 9, will air this Friday on Disney+. The first season will be concluded with this. It is believed that the finale will have three major battles. Are you excited for the finale? Let us know in the comments below!

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