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25 Hilarious Falcon And The Winter Soldier Memes From The New Episode

We recently watched the fourth episode of Falcon and The Winter Soldier which was really awesome and absolutely blew our minds. The episode truly showed all the emotions be it Bucky’s powerful moment at the starting of the episode or the episode ending with John Walker becoming the real brutal one. Today we bring you some of the funniest moments from the episode which was trolled by the fans:

1. The Real Power!!

2. Haha!

3. Oh Yeah!!

4. LOL!!

5. Gonna Cry?

6. Four Years Too Early!!

7. Turkish Delight!!

8. No!!

9. Perfect Moves!!

10. There Should Be The Dance-Off Between these Guys!!

11. We Do Hope That!!

12. Haha!!

13. Absolutely!!

14. The Mood Board!!

15. Get Ready!!

16. The Zemo Cut!!

17. Accurate!!

18. Wrong Place Wrong Template!!

19. True!!

20. LMAO!!

21. Right!!

22. Rocket Raccoon Still Wants That Hand!!

23. Literally!!

24. No He Didn’t!

25. What’s Up With You, Buck!!

Pooja Singh

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