The Falcon And The Winter Soldier: 10 Fan Theories That May Come True

With a successful run of the WandaVision arc on the OTT platform of Disney+, Marvel has just jumpstarted the entire session of phase 4 with a magical bang. The series witnessed the highest number of streamers clawing to get every piece of information being shared in the WandaVision, to understand the further implications and connect the dots with the multiple television series coming ahead. The next series in line looking for a possible launch is the ‘Falcon And The Winter Soldier’, the series will be quite interesting to watch as it will reveal a lot of issues between Bucky and Sam. Furthermore, the return of Helmut Zemo may be part of something much bigger and dangerous. The series is premiered to launch on March 19, 2021, but Marvel fans have already begun breaking down every move that was made available to the public via the trailer. And have already come up with the following theories preceding the launch of the series contemplating on the possible explanations.

Zemo Is Hired By The Us Government

Fans have theorized that the return of Helmut Zemo is not some lucky twisted adventure, rather a decisive plot by the US government to gain control of skilled individuals under the Sokovian Accords. With their attempt to put curbs on Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes to start with. Although Steve Roger’s may not have been in the picture, the US government may still want to hold Sam and Bucky accountable and in contempt of the government for their actions in Germany. Thus, bring in and fund a known trained mercenary to bring down a bunch of heroes.

Abomination’s Arrival

Return in Phase 5

With the US government trying to get its defense back online, especially after the events of Endgame. Bringing back a known felon to try out a copy of the super-soldier serum, might be one of the agendas which we might witness in the upcoming Falcon And The Winter Soldier. Thus, this explains the arrival or at least a partial glimpse of Abomination, he is already in the pipeline to premiere in 2022’s She-hulk. What’s there stopping him from doing so little early in the narrative? Oh, yeah right, The Hulk.


The trailer of the Falcon & The Winter Soldier dawned over the skyline of a city which looked somewhat similar to the fabled city of Madripoor from the comics. The arrival of Falcon And The Winter Soldier in the city would implicate the arrival of several characters from Marvel Comics into the MCU.

Zemo Will Form A Team

In the upcoming series, it is speculated that Helmut Zemo may finally be forming a team of specialized villains to take down Sam & Bucky. Again, it is a speculation, but he may form a team of specially talented individuals which could be similar to the ‘Suicide Squad’ from the DC. The name of the team has not been confirmed, but may be called Thunderbolts.

Jolt’s Debut Act

The Falcon And the Winter Soldier Fan Theories
The Falcon And the Winter Soldier Fan Theories

Jolt aka Hallie Takahama witnessed her parents getting killed by sentinels and she is abducted by Arnim Zola, who ran experiments on her. The experimentation led Hallie to develop the power to transform any form of energy into physical strength and even have the ability to shock people, like literally. We witness her joining the Thunderbolts as Jolt and eventually convincing the majority of the team to take a heroic detour rather than stay on the path of evil.

Captain Britain

In the Falcon & The Winter Soldier, we witness the arrival of Sharon Carter, Steve Roger’s potential love, and Peggy Carter’s granddaughter. Since her last deed of helping Steve Rogers in the Civil War, she may have been implicated in her wrongdoings which made her return to the CIA a lot more difficult than usual. Maybe she travels overseas and joins the MI6 and is then implicated with the English version of the super-soldier serum, making her Captain Britain.

Zemo’s Mask

Falcon And The Winter Soldier Trailer Description

Zemo’s mask in Falcon and The Winter Soldier may resemble the purple skin of Thanos. There may be several reasons for the similarity, but the number 1 reason which kind of makes sense is that Zemo looks up to Thanos. With Zemo’s loss, it was pretty evident that he hated the Avengers for what happened to his family. So, what other better way to mock them than don the same color face mask of the being who defeated the Avengers.

New Falcon

In the Marvel comics when Sam finally takes on the mantle of Captain America, he is succeeded by someone called Joaquin Torres. He takes up the identity of the Red Wing as Sam Wilson’s sidekick by integrating itself with Redwing, Sam’s pet drone. With Top Gun’s number 2 Danny Ramirez being cast in the production without being informed about what role he might be playing; it seems we could have a new falcon in the making.

Isaiah Bradley

The Falcon And the Winter Soldier Fan Theories
The Falcon And the Winter Soldier Fan Theories

In a bid to replicate the serum, 300 volunteers are injected with the serum and only 1 survives, the serum is tested on Americans of mixed ethnicity. Finally, Isiah Bradley emerges with the same physique to challenge the Germans, only for him to be court-martialed and sent to prison. We may finally witness his return to the MCU and convince Sam to take up the mantle of Captain America.

Steve Roger’s Is No More

No matter what the fans may believe, this is one reality we all will have to face. Again, nothing is certain, but the story seems to be making a pass at Steve Rogers and implicating a new substitute.

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