Sam Raimi Reveals Why Doctor Strange Still Wears The Eye Of Agamotto

Sam Raimi directed Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has become the #1 movie in the world! It’s growing unlike any other Marvel movie released before now. Some fans have even been calling the movie an eternal masterpiece! And all thanks go to the legendary director Sam Raimi. ever since the release, he has been all over the media. And in one of his many interviews, MoM director Sam Raimi finally addressed why Doctor Strange still wears the Eye of Agamotto after NWH!

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was not just a movie. It was the viewer’s journey beyond the natural territories. It not only gave us a glimpse of the boundaries of the multiverse but crossed them and even erased some of them. Benedict Cumberbatch and Elizabeth Olsen were awesome as the main characters. Especially Olsen, who stole every scene she was a part of. And don’t think I forgot to mention the cameos and a million easter eggs. But the thing that bugged us the most was the fact that Strange was still carrying the Eye of Agamotto around his neck.



The reason it troubles a lot of fans is the fact that the very reason for its existence is now gone. 2016’s Doctor Strange introduced the Eye of Agamotto as the carrier and conduit of the Time Stone. But since Thanos destroyed MCU’s Infinity Stones, why does Strange carry around an empty necklace? Did he get so used to wearing it that it is now a part of his accessories? There were a lot of fan theories out there that tried to explain the reason he still carries the Eye. But now all the fans can finally stop and take a good rest as Sam Raimi himself has addressed the problem.


During one of his interviews with CinemaBlend after the release of his multiverse-buster movie, he answered some questions about the movie. And one of those questions was the Eye of Agamotto problem. On asking why Doctor strange still dons that golden eye, he said

The Eye of Agamotto still has magical properties even without the Time Stone – as any fan true fan of Strange would know. So it still reveals to him things that are unseen.


Why Doctor Strange still wears the Eye of Agamotto

After listening to this answer, one thing is sure, and that is that Sam Raimi has done his research. His answer perfectly lines up with the comics where the Eye of Agamotto was so much more than a container. The Eye of Agamotto got its name from its first user, Agamotto himself in the comics. And resembled his ability of all-seeing. And this power is used extensively by Doctor Strange in the comics to reveal illusions and tricks. But when MCU adapted the Eye, they changed it up a notch. However, now we see that they didn’t nerf the Eye but just gave it an additional ability. MCU’s Eye can channel the full force of an Infinity Stone.



Doctor Strange 2’s ending twist changed up a lot of things for the future. The appearance of the third eye of Doctor Strange teased a darker turn in his journey, as it reminds us of the Strange Supreme from What If…? and Sinister Strange from MoM. This is reminiscent of Strange’s third eye in the comics that came out when he studied the Book of Vishanti. But in the MCU, this eye might be in contrast to the Eye of Agamotto. So, he might use both of them in his future fights- the Eye of Agamotto for a regular fight and the third eye, the eye that came from the use of the Darkhold, when the situation calls for it.


What do you think about this Sam Raimi clarification about why Doctor Strange still wears the Eye of Agamotto? let us know what you think about it down in the comments.

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