A Mega Marvel-Netflix Crossover: Here’s What You Need to Know

San Diego, 2016 saw quite a lot coming from Marvel and various series that would be launched on Netflix, some of which have already been aired. We’ve received quite rave reviews about Luke Cage and with Jessica Jones doing the runs.

With the coming of The Punishers, the Defenders, and Iron Fist, we can expect a whirlwind of stuff happening. So here’s basically what we know so far, and we can say this really looks good.


For starters, The Punisher is all set to take off its productions starting early next year right after the filming of Iron Fist. From what we know, Iron Fist is almost done filming and they would be wrapping up pretty soon. We can also see the start of Marvel Defenders with the production starting by the end of this year. Here’s what we want to know – what would happen if there was a crossover of The Punisher with the Iron Fist? Interesting huh!!


We all know that crossovers in Comic books rarely ever happen, but with The Punisher, he has been appearing in various cameos in different series. But the big appearance would be in The Defenders.

What we are guessing, he would mostly be there to help out Iron Fist and at some point. It doesn’t matter if they know each other or if they’ve met before. But for sure he would be around helping Iron Fist in some way or the other while he is on The Punisher business.


Though Iron Fist would be an individual story on its own, but we are assuming that other Netflix stories would kind of entwine into it, some way or the other (isn’t that supposed to be a surprising factor for us?!!), leading into Defenders. Since Iron Fist is the last before The Defenders is launched. Clearly leading into the first episode of Defenders. So we can assume a lot of crossover stuff happening here.


If you’ve heard any rumor about Punisher being under production, well you can forego that since the series is on its own, and would start production next year in May. So what we hear now is just bits and pieces of Punishers which are filming to appear in different series.


While it would be exciting to see what Punisher would do, once he runs into other Defenders. Not that he would treat them like he did Daredevil. One thing we know is that Punisher is a little touchy, but his idea of showing emotion is not shooting you in the face.

We just can’t wait to see Punisher meet Luke Cage and see some major flexing of muscles while they acknowledge each other. Interesting!!

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