10 Fan Theories On Who Could Be Marvel’s Next Big Bad

The end of Avengers: Endgame witnesses the Avengers finally lay down Thanos for good, although it would not have happened without the sacrifice of some heroic individuals. In the Infinity War we saw Vision, then came Natasha Romanoff, and finally our most favorite character from the entire MCU, Tony Stark. The losses had been devastating for several people especially the fans. But as we all know time does not wait for anyone, it may be fiddled with but cannot be stopped. The recent release of phase 4 witnessed some major players mark their arrival in the MCU, but few stood apart from the crowd and they were Agatha, Director Tyler Hayward, and one 3rd entity which for some reason was kept away from the entire narrative. However, we have a list of fan speculations that kind of theorize the arrival or return of more powerful villainous characters.

Skrull Invasion

Who Could Be Marvel's Next Big Bad
Who Could Be Marvel’s Next Big Bad

At the end of Spider-Man: Far from Home, we witness Nick Fury transform into a Skrull, or the Skrull Talos shapeshifts into his original form from Nick Fury. We also witness a Skrull comrade harboring as Agent Hill transform into a lady Skrull. The induction of Skrull in the MCU timeline indicates a possible arc covering ‘Secret Invasion’.

Loki’s Alternate Universe

In the upcoming Loki’s television series, we may experience and witness Loki play a major negative role and may even set up the narrative for Thor: Love and Thunder. In the aftermath of Avengers’ 2012, we witnessed Loki disappears with the space stone and travel into another place with the help of the infinity stone, while there is a fight concerning Loki’s imprisonment.

X-Men: House of M

Who Could Be Marvel's Next Big Bad
Who Could Be Marvel’s Next Big Bad

The next sequel of X-Men may witness the events explaining and unfolding the mysteries of ‘House of M’. The series from the MCU has still not referred to Scarlet Witch as of now. But, certain events from the WandaVision arc may trigger a fallout of events leading to the ‘House Of M’.


In Thor: Ragnarök, many may have witnessed Hela being killed by Surtur just before he destroys Asgard. But if you look closely just as the sword is about to touch Hela, there is a cloud of green smoke. Now as per the fans there may be a scenario, that Hela may have transported herself to another realm and may resurface in the Loki series.

Dark Avengers

The upcoming ‘Black Widow’ movie, may set up the movie in a way where we might see the arrival of the new antagonist. These may include Black Widow in a negative role, a Russian Captain America, Hawkeye as Ronin, evil Hulk, Justin Hammer as Iron Man, and another godly being, whose appearance could be controversial.


Who Could Be Marvel's Next Big Bad
Who Could Be Marvel’s Next Big Bad

In the Spider-Man: No Return Home, we may finally witness the revival of Scorpion. Just like in the natural habitat, how spiders and scorpions are arch enemies, we may witness the same rivalry unfold on the silver screen between Tom Holland and someone other.


Major MCU Villain

In the Multiverse of Madness, we might witness, Dr. Strange, entering the Dark universe and being greeted by the evil Supreme, Dormammu. With their last rendezvous, where Dormammu underestimated Dr. Strange and in the process got his arse whooped, it might lead to a much massive showdown between the two sorcerers.


Galactus The Biggest Villain MCU

Many fans believe that Thanos, got his motivation by challenging Galactus and that is why he went to the extent of wiping half of Galactus’s food menu. We believe that Thanos wishes to sit on the throne and control the mantle of Galactus himself.


Who Could Be Marvel's Next Big Bad
Who Could Be Marvel’s Next Big Bad

With the Multiverse of Madness on steady approach, fans have speculated a universe, where all the heroes have turned to zombie heroes. Again, it is speculation derived from the comics but may soon become a reality. The Zombieverse is fictional speculation, but imagine if such a universe existed and all the heroes were Zombies. It would redefine the narrative in that particular multiverse and the current universe if somehow the timelines coincide and create a new possible outcome.

Scarlet Witch

In the final episode of the WandaVision arc, we witness Wanda studying the secrets from ‘The DarkWorld’ and her original body seem to be enjoying a cup of coffee. The episode end witnesses the rise of the Scarlet Witch and it may just be the beginning of grander and more villainous schemes to come.

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