10 Most Stunning Female Aliens In Movies And Series

There is something deeply mysterious in the intergalactic characters in movies. We are used to the hot action stars on screen who are humans, but that’s become cliché nowadays. Galaxy and space SCiFis are on the rise as more and more studios are showing interest in them. It started with “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” that had their own share of struggle to find an interested party to invest back then. These space films have “out of the world” male and female alien characters who are absolutely irresistible to look at. There is a variety of alien species in Hollywood and some of them are surprisingly attracting human fans like anything. Here are the 10 most stunning female aliens in movies and series.

The Fifth Element

No matter how many alien species we come across, the one who will remain closest to our hearts is Leelo from the classic “The Fifth Element”. She was one of the supreme beings of the universe who was sent to earth as the Fifth Element to save mankind from the Great Evil. She was played by Mila Jovovich and represented strength and purity.

Men in Black II

Female Aliens In Movies And Series
Female Aliens In Movies And Series

Serleena was a villainous alien who came to earth in search of a relic. Whoever got smitten by Serleena’s hypnotizing beauty was in lethal danger as the sinister alien hid its true form by transforming into a lingerie model. It was a good way to distract her rivals as she could squeeze them “like a tube of toothpaste” while they were lost in her exterior looks.

Guardians of the Galaxy II

This MCU movie has, not one but four spectacular female aliens. As the name suggests, GOTG takes you on a colorful adventure to the world beyond earth where you will come across various kinds of species. Some of the females in these alien races will sweep you off your feet with their smartness, sharp looks, combat skills, and confidence.  The first super sexy alien that crosses your mind is Zoe Saldana’s Gamora. She belongs to a green race of species and is highly dangerous to hang out with. Petite yet muscular, Gamora leaves you spellbound with her quick combat skills and spy brains.

Her adopted sister, Nebula, played by Karen Gillan, comes from an unknown species that the universe is yet to discover. Even though Thanos is sadly replaced most of her parts with tech, we must confess that Nebula stands out among the crowd for her chiseled figure and sarcastic attitude. The list goes on with Mantis and more but we can’t ignore Elizabeth Debicki’s Ayesha who looked magnificent in the golden-skinned Sovereign race.


Supergirl aka Kara Zor-El is Superman’s elder cousin but landed on earth years after he did as her pod got stuck in space. There have been many iterations of this character but we are going to talk about the CW TV show Melissa Benoist portrays the powerful character. Cara is beautiful both inside out. She reflects hope and positivity and always sees the good in people. She knows how to steal the spotlight with her gorgeous eyes and unmatched superpowers.


Female Aliens In Movies And Series
Female Aliens In Movies And Series

The main evil in this film is an alien named Sil who purposely tries to look sexy so she can seduce humans to infiltrate earth. Sil is a grotesque alien who takes the form of a gorgeous woman and goes out hunting men to get pregnant. Her mission is to entice the male humans and get herself pregnant. Before you ask how it matters as long as she goes out with you, think again. After using the men to impregnate herself, Sil would transform into its true form and kill them.

Star Trek

Gaila appeared in “Star Trek” as a student in the Star Fleet Academy. This cadet was an Orion who looked slightly different from other Orien female due to her black hair. One day Gaila invited Cadet James T. Kirk to her room but their sexual encounter was interrupted the moment her roommate stepped in and kicked him out. She was played by Rachel Nicholas and had a brief appearance.


Zoe Saldana has played not one but two alien species, both of which have shot her career to new heights. While she belongs to a green species in GOTG, her Avatar character is the blue princess of the Omaticaya clan. No matter color she plays, Zoe looks magnificent and unique in both the looks. Her character’s personality and beliefs remain the same as Princes Neytiri is admired for her bravery and loyalty.

Star Wars

The intergalactic female who has dominated everyone’s fantasies and fashion trends is Princess Leia. She belongs to the planet Alderaan and is also a member of the Rebel Alliance and the Imperial Senate. There is more to this beautiful princess with buns and a golden bikini. She can kick other powerful aliens’ butt and fearlessly fight on the battleground. Portrayed by the legendary Carrie Fisher, Leia was one of the bravest and greatest heroes.

Star Trek: Enterprise

Female Aliens In Movies And Series

This list of sexiest aliens is incomplete without Commander T’Pol, played by Jolene Blalock. Her sharp features and amazing figure made her one heck of a science officer. She was Vulcan and worked in the Starship Enterprise.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Alice was a Decepticon assassin in the form of a human who could even make Sam Witwicky cheat on Megan Fox. The Megan Fox! Alice was basically a shape-shifting robot who seduced Sam with her immense sexuality and then tried to kill him. She was played by the Australian actress, Isabel Lucas.

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