5 Marvel Superheroes Who Don’t Wear Costumes

A person with a set of skills or with some superpowers, a will to protect the citizens or use the powers to do something extraordinary and ‘a cape, or a suit or something of spandex or leather tights’ these are the costumes that superheroes wear, not all, I’m afraid. Here is a list of the Marvel superheroes that don’t wear a costume:


Probably the cutest member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot isn’t someone who even we feel could wear clothes. Even if he did, his growing Bark would probably tear it. Groot isn’t too much into wearing clothes, if he does, he couldn’t even use his powers perfectly.

Luke Cage

Where earlier the dude used to wear a headband, looking ridiculous, these days he can be seen wearing his day to day clothes. The bartender using his bulletproof skin to help the defenders can only be seen in his signature hoodies, with bullet holes. If he had a costume, sure his bill would shoot up with all the bullets that he gets.

Jessica Jones

Jessica too earlier had an outfit having a Jewel in it, but now she’s more of a private detective, and eye that watches. She even after putting off her costume didn’t stop with the superhero work, now Jessica can be seen donning jeans and a tee, sometimes a scarf too, nothing out of the ordinary.


Thank God, this guy doesn’t any costume. Firstly, the dude is so big, that every time he grew his costume would tear, also, if he got a costume made up of any material such as of Mr. Fantastic, he can’t possibly know when to put it, as it is his rage that transforms him into the Hulk and even banner doesn’t know when that would happen.

Professor X


Charles Xavier is the mentor and the father figure to the X-Men. While his entire team wears a specialized uniform, Professor X can always be seen without any costume, in a well-fitted suit to be exact.

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