7 Comic Book Characters Whose Concept Art Was Ruined In Movies

Comic books are all about delightful illustrations. Using visuals and graphics is the main medium for their stories. Every superhero character is born through concept art which is mostly drawn by comic book artists. Readers have grown up seeing their favorite heroes and villains in this form. When studios and movies announce their arrival on the silver screen, no one is more excited than the hardcore fans. Finally getting to see these characters transform from drawings to live-action figures is surreal to them.

However, it isn’t easy for movies to adapt the comic books faithfully. They have to fit the entire story into a 2-hour movie and take a realistic approach to feel relatable. Similarly, some movies take the liberty to tweak the concept of art and the storyline of the characters in order to blend them with the rest of the plot. For instance, Drax and Mantis were not aliens but humans from the earth in the comic books of ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy’. Luckily, their movie versions turned out to be great and acceptable by fans.

Not every movie was successful in translating the concept-art into the screen versions. Drawing them on the pages and transforming them into a 3-D figure is completely different. We understand if they are changed over factors like comfort, flexibility, and believability but turning them into laugh stock isn’t acceptable. These movies stole the essence of the villains and superheroes and made it hard for us to watch them with a straight face. We would have never forgiven Fox Studios for taking away Deadpool’s mouth in X-Men Origins: Wolverine had it not been for Deadpool standalone. Find out the comic book characters whose awesome concept art was ruined by movies.

 1. Poison Ivy

Ok! Where do we even start with this Peter Pan? Is this Poison Ivy? One of the hottest, most seductive, and dangerous characters from the pages was turned into a bizarre creature from a children’s jungle book. Forget about Poison Ivy, what have you done to Uma Thurman? Batman & Robin will not only be remembered as the worst Batman adaption but also as the only movie that could turn a smoking hot actress into a ….. don’t even have words for it. And why? Why did they add those beetroots to her head?

 2. Juggernaut

Characters Concept Art Ruined
Characters Concept Art Ruined

Sorry for reviving the horrible memory of Juggernaut from X-Men: The Last Stand. Vinnie Jones’ corny version of Juggernaut was a joke to its origin. Forget about his irritating portrayal, this version didn’t even resemble the original one. They took away his iconic rusted armor and gave him a costume that was not linked to the character in any way.

 3. Doom

All the Fantastic Four adaptions before 2015 didn’t set any impressive benchmark but they were far better than the latest one. Everything that can make or break a film was destroyed by the 2015 ‘Fantastic Four’ with poor CGI and plot. But fans will never forgive them for changing the entire appearance of Doctor Doom.

Some can easily argue that he wasn’t Dr. Doom in the first place. Was he really? He looked less like himself and more like Silver Surfer. Forget about his comic book counterpart, he didn’t even look believable in this fantasy movie.

 4. Venom

Characters Concept Art Ruined
Characters Concept Art Ruined

You very well know that we aren’t talking about Tom Hardy’s mind-blowing Venom. No matter how many amazing Spider-Man movies we get in the coming future, Sam Raimi’s Venom will live on the internet for eternity. Fans were more than ecstatic to see the iconic symbiote finally hit the silver screen in ‘Spider-Man 3’. But this Venom was far from the one they knew. Venom was supposed to be and look intimidating, dark, and dangerous. But Topher Grace’s Eddie Brock was far from scary. No one could take him seriously.

 5. Deadpool

Did the creative team of X-Men Origins: Wolverine have a personal rivalry with Deadpool? First, they took away the goofy and witty characteristics of Deadpool. On top of that, they removed mouth from the ‘Merc With A Mouth’.

 6. Electro

Characters Concept Art Ruined
Characters Concept Art Ruined

We have nothing against Jamie Foxx, in fact, we can’t wait for MCU to do justice to the actor and his Electro this time. The Electro in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ was drowning miserably in CGI. We were legit forced to watch him with our sunglasses on. Foxx deserves to try out the cool wardrobe and appearance of the comic book Electro which we hope MCU will live up to.

 7. Robin

There the real Robin of DC and then there is the Robin from Joel Schumer’s ‘Batman Forever’. If the movie hadn’t introduced him as Robin, even fans wouldn’t have guessed his character.  This Robin was a wannabe Batman and not a sidekick. Instead of his original red shirt and the iconic yellow ‘R’ logo, this Robin dressed up like a maroon Batman without the cowl.

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