7 Dumbest Decisions Made By Guardians of the Galaxy

MCU is admired by fans worldwide for its A-list actors, special effects, plot, action, and most of all, humor. Among all the heroes, Guardians of the Galaxy is the most hilarious. It is the first comedy based superhero movie in the MCU. Even though the team’s innocent and on-purpose comedy always cracks us up, it’s undeniable how dumb they can be under certain circumstances. Despite being a team of superheroes, they lack coordination, planning, and are mostly driven by ego than the greater good. Their recklessness, stubbornness, and lack of game plan have thrown them at the devil’s door on plenty of occasions. Needless to say, even the toys in Toy Story are better prepared and coordinated. Let us dig into the 10 dumbest decisions made by Guardians of the Galaxy in the MCU.

When Drax Invites Ronan

Dumbest Decisions Made By Guardians of the Galaxy

This was the dumbest of all the dumbest decisions ever made by the Guardians of the Galaxy. Even though Drax’s level if intelligence is lower than common human beings, this act was stupid for his level as well. While the Guardians were acting on their plan by starting with visiting Knowhere, Drax loses his patience and invites Ronan to their location. The Guardians were supposed to stay hidden from Ronan until they’d found a way to deal with him and the Orb. But Drax was running impatiently to destroy Ronan who killed his family. Drax decides to get vengeance on Ronan without any plan, strength, or weapon. As a result, he gets defeated and puts everyone’s life in danger. Drax knew that Ronan had an edge over them with his army, yet he threw his team right under the bus.

Gamora Walked Into Thanos’ Trap

Dumbest Decisions Made By Guardians of the Galaxy

Gamora was the only one who had the information about the location of the Soul Stone. She also knew better than Thanos would come looking for her for the stone. Despite the smartness she is known for, Gamora chased after Thanos to Knowwhere along with Peter, Drax, and Mantis while Thor headed towards Nidavellir with Rocket and Groot. Her aim was to prevent Thanos from getting the Reality Stone from Knowhere but she was aware of her father’s strengths especially with the other stones.

Instead of walking into his trap, Gamora should have stayed away from Thanos, thus preventing him from achieving all the Six Infinity Stones.

When Rocket Stole The Batteries

Dumbest Decisions Made By Guardians of the Galaxy

Rocket Raccoon is generally the smartest member of the team but his messing up with the proud Sovereign was a risky and stupid decision. He stole the Anulax Batteries, one of the strongest sources of power from the Sovereign, and marked himself and his team as targets.

He knew that Ayesha and the Sovereign was superior in power and strength and it would have been next to impossible to outrun them. With so much in their hands already, Rocket added another enemy to the list for no reason at all. He either did this out of pride or stupidity.

When Star-Lord Lost Temper On Thanos

Star-Lord really needs to learn the art of controlling one’s emotions. Allowing emotions and anger to get the better of us is harmful to common humans, let alone for an intergalactic superhero. Even though we like Star-Lord, most of us couldn’t help but be furious at him for losing his calm over Thanos. We comprehend that Gamora was his love and he must have been hurt.

Dumbest Decisions Made By Guardians of the Galaxy

But Peter is a superhero who should have thought of the greater good and controlled his temper until getting the Infinity Gauntlet off Thanos’ grasp. The Avengers would have almost won the battle had Peter controlled himself.

Attacking Ego Without A Plan

Ego was a celestial being with powers no less than of a God. Attacking would require a smart plan and definitely something more than firearms. But when Peter learned that it was Ego, his father who placed the brain tumor in Peter’s mother, he could not control his emotions but charge right at Ego.

Star-Lord’s emotions are understandable but he should have known better while attacking a God-like entity with mediocre weapons. Peter could have pretended to go with Ego’s plans to expand in the universe until he came with a way to kill the Ego. By reacting so fast he put both his and his friends’ lives in danger.

Gamora’s Attempt To Sell The Orb

Dumbest Decisions Made By Guardians of the Galaxy

No one knew about Thanos’ plans to achieve the Infinity Stones for ultimate power better than Gamora. But when she was sent by Ronan who was working for Thanos to get hands-on the Orb, Gamora decides to double-cross him and sell the Orb instead. Despite knowing that Thanos was after it and would leave no stones unturned to retrieve it, she tries to sell it to the collector. Didn’t she know that her evil father could have easily reached the collector and taken the Orb? She should have first tried to find out what the Orb contained before giving it to careless hands.

When Peter Accompanied Ego To His Planet

Living in a world where you couldn’t trust many people, especially the powerful ones, Peter trusts his father whom he never met his entire life, and accompanies him to his planet.

Dumbest Decisions Made By Guardians of the Galaxy

Peter should have asked himself why Ego left his mother and never looking for Peter. Even though Ego claimed that it was Yondu who kept Peter away from him, it was foolish to go with a man’s words you literally just met. On top of that, he agrees to accompany him to an unknown planet with his friends.

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