10 Hyped Superhero Movies That Were The Most Disappointing

Superhero Movies Most Disappointing:

Before the world got The Avengers and Wonder Woman, superhero genres assumed that fans would go with anything as long as it had caped man putting the bad guys. With time makers are realizing that just muscles and heavy special effects aren’t the keys to success. They tried to capitalize on the popularity of the superheroes from the comic books but couldn’t retain the audience with their garbage. There were loud noises and high expectations around the movies starring famous heroes. But poor performance and plot repelled even the biggest comic book fans. Find out the 10 hyped superhero movies that were the most disappointing.

 1. Spider-Man 3

Superhero Movies Most Disappointing

Spider-Man franchise of Tobey Maguire was on a rising curve until the third installment arrived and threw the name off the cliff. The movie was like Rachel Green’s Thanksgiving English Trifle, a mixture of anything and everything that tasted like ‘feet’. Spider-Man 3 tried to give a tough guy look to Tobey Maguire which backfired terribly. The baton was then passed on to the villain after the hero’s failure. But casting Topher Grace as Venom was the weirdest thing we ever saw on the screen. If that wasn’t enough to ruin the movie, Sam Raimi added more villains and two love interests of Peter Parker. And that’s how you drown the biggest franchise for good.

 2. Dark Phoenix

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Captain America: Civil War

The X-Men franchise was near its death bed after the news of the Disney and Fox merger. Dark Phoenix was the last hope for the longest-running franchises. Even loyal X-Men fans were excited to watch the heroes for one last time. While we were expecting a bang we got a bomb. The movie was a disaster beyond expectations. It murdered the comic book family to a point that it can’t be revived that easily.

 3. Justice League

Justice League is the king of disappointments in the world of superheroes. It was one of the most awaited films of DC that led to huge fireworks and hype around its release. We can’t measure the euphoria that was built to watch the DC heroes team up together on one big screen. But after Zack Snyder left the productions for personal issues, the director’s chair was taken over by Joss Whedon. Even though the majority of the film was done and only the last few edits were left, Warner Bros. and Whedon decided to reshoot the whole movie from scratch. The last moment haste resulted in the garbage of directionless subplots. A lot of work was put in the film but not in the matter it should have been.

 4. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Superhero Movies Most Disappointing

Before becoming the global star as Captain America in the MCU, Chris Evans had played another Marvel hero that he’d like to forget about. It was one of the earliest Marvel superhero films and had therefore created quite a buzz before hitting the theatres. But the movie turned out to be so awful that even the anticipating Marvel comic book fans dodged the movie.

 5. Superman Returns

Even a talented cast of Brandon Routh and Oscar winner Kevin Spacey couldn’t live up to the audience’s expectations. The plot was too dead for a superhero and action genre. Brandon was still the only one who could connect to the audience with his expressive performance.  However, most of the actors didn’t fit well in their characters.

 6. Thor: The Dark World

Worst Romantic Relationships in MCU

Thanks to Taika Waititi for breathing life into the Thor universe with action, humor, delightful visuals, and a captivating plot. Before Thor: Ragnarok took MCU to newer heights, we were forced to suffer through the 2nd dead installment of Thor: The Dark World. The movie was so bland that it didn’t trigger any emotion in us and the lack of story wasted a cast of terrific actors.

 7. X-Men: The Last Stand

Superhero Movies Most Disappointing

After the positive response from X-Men 2, Fox gave a nod to the third installment. X-Men 2 was one of the best X-Men movies in the franchise and fans were expecting the same quality of action and plot in the next one. Addition of arresting characters like Nightcrawler and Pyro had delivered a super thrilling comic book movie. But X-Men: The Last Stand failed to meet the bar set by its predecessor.

 8. Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman vs Superman Fight Sequences

Fans had been dying to watch the two greatest superheroes of the historic fight each other. We can’t count how many times comic books fans have had long discussions over who’d defeat whom. And when the time arrived for Batman and Superman to face each other, the internet was infected with euphoria. We couldn’t control our excitement and think of various ways how the heroes would have an edge over each other. But the movie turned out to be another conventional big-budget superhero film with no direction. There was no story and no meaning expect for two hunky dudes showing off their muscles.

 9. Batman & Robin

Superhero Movies Most Disappointing
Superhero Movies Most Disappointing

Most have the Batman movies have broken box office records and earned praise from critics and audiences. Fans were looking forward to watching the famous duo take on the screen only to be disappointed miserably. Nothing in the movie was pleasing to watch. The poor acting and bizarre script forced the audience to run off the theatres.

 10. Elektra

Female Assassins in Movies

To be frank, we can’t blame Jennifer Garner for starring in this film as she was bound by the contract. After the epic failure of Daredevil with Ben Affleck, Jennifer wanted to dodge her standalone but couldn’t due to the contract she had signed during Daredevil. Even though the audience had fewer expectations from this film after Daredevil, they were still disappointed. The script, plot, and acting made us ask only one question- WHY?

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