10 Controversial Scenes That Movies Had To Delete

Controversial Scenes Movies Delete:

Movies often get carried away by some scenes for the sake of humor, authenticity, or art. But the risk of getting into a backlash from the audience forces them to delete the scenes. No matter how the director sees them, the editors cannot approve these episodes. Once we show these scenes to you, remember that there is no going back. You’ll realize why the movies took the call. While some are humorous but slightly controversial, others are too gross to be on the screen. Even though the latest movies and series dare to live on the edge, they make sure not to overdose with risks. Find out the 10 controversial scenes that movies had to delete to be safe.

 1. Sex and the City

Are you ready to read about this one? Well, this episode goes about Charlotte’s boyfriend insisting on her going down on him. After Charlotte gets miffed and storms out of the room only to return after a while, she catches him getting it done from his Golden Retriever. Yep, I warned you that there was no going back.

 2. Friends

Friends has retained its top spot as one of the funniest sitcoms for decades. But over the years with increasing awareness, these jokes aren’t boding well with us. We can’t deny that it has glorified many offensive jokes such as fat-shaming, homophobia, lesbian jokes, and insensitivity towards OCD. Another insensitive video was rolled back then which didn’t get the final nod. It was about Chandler and Monica going for their honeymoon and being detained for Chandler’s joke about explosives at the airport. The episode was going to be aired a month after the 9/11 attack.

 3. Zootopia

A deleted scene from Zootopia was too grim and disturbing to watch. Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde come across a building where a ‘taming party’ takes place. It was a ceremony where new animals were given taming collars as they were taken into Zootopia. But collar zap every time the animal would get carried away by its instinct.

 4. Fantasia

Disney was recently called out for lightening the skin tone of Tiana in Ralph Breaks the Internet. It was forced to take back the film and rectify the error. Luckily Disney was in its senses to delete a stereotypical racist video in Fantasia where two ethnic characters were serving the white centaurs.

 5. Deadpool 2

Even though it was funny, the deleted post-credit scene could have been a tad bit controversial. The post-credits saw Deadpool travel through time to undo some of the biggest mistakes of history like tearing up his ‘Green Lantern’ script. Another place that Wade visits is Adolf Hilter’s nursery to kill his baby version. But no matter who it was, Deadpool hesitates to kill the baby and ends up changing Hitler’s diapers. The scene ends with Deadpool sending for Cable, the children killer.

 6. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones was about to get a notch disgusting and gore with this episode. The part where a man’s heart got pulled out was supposed to be followed by dumping him in lava. As the lava slowly engulfed the melting body, all remained of the man was his floating head.

 7. It

Even though ‘It’ was a horror film, there were some set boundaries that the film couldn’t cross. Pennywise the evil clown was originally supposed to gulp down a baby. But unlike the directors had a change of heart and spared the baby for the sake of the young audience.

 8. Bird Box

As we mentioned before, directors try to make their movies look as authentic as possible. One of the scenes showed news footage from real life. Netflix was slammed was using real-life news about a train accident that took several lives.

 9. Beauty and the Beast

Most of the non-living objects that had lived in the mansion were crockery, cutlery, clocks, etc. But did you ever wonder if someone was cursed to become a toilet? Well, the movie did dive on that note and almost introduced us to Stephen Merchant as Monsieur Toilette. The first thing he went to do after returning to his human form was to brush his teeth. We need not explain the reason behind it. However, it was a hilarious scene and we wish they would have added it.

 10. Super Mario Bros.

Imagine a bar named Boom Boom with strippers in a kids’ movie. We know you are raising your eyebrows already. The moviemakers got so carried away with the story that they almost added the group of strippers at the club. Soon enough somebody reminded them that they were directing a kids movie.

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