The Batman Theory – Court of Owls Will Be Revealed as the Main Villains for the Sequel  

The Batman Theory – Court of Owls Main Villains:

Matt Reeves is cooking up The Batman to be a big thriller movie. His take on the character is certainly fresh, and we really like the fact that he is bringing Batman’s Rogues Gallery into the picture. The Batman will really be crawling with villains. There won’t be just one or two, but at least 6 of them are rumored to be in the movie. The first trailer of the film only made 3 of them apparent, but we’ve picked clues for a big villainous organization to be a part of this film and perhaps the sequel as well. A new theory suggests that the Court of Owls will be revealed as the main villains towards the end. Then, Batman might investigate their case in his next movie.

Potential Spoilers for The Batman could follow.

Right after the first trailer came out on August 22, the sleuths on the internet began to break it down frame by frame. In doing that, they managed to solve the first riddle that the Riddler left for Batman. Having seen the trailer multiple times, it becomes clear that the Riddler (if he is indeed the Riddler) seems to be killing people of power in Gotham. He wishes to expose the liars and the corrupt in Gotham. That’s why his first kill is none other than the Mayor of Gotham, Don Mitchell Jr. His second target seems to be Peter Sarsgaard’s character Gil Colson, who is Gotham’s District Attorney.

There’s a chance that John Turturro’s Carmine Falcone & his crime family might be responsible for all the corruption in Gotham. We saw several news articles in the room where Mayor Mitchell was found dead. One of those articles was giving Mayor Mitchell the credit for bringing down the Maroni crime family. The Riddler branded that as a complete lie. So, it is possible that the Falcone family might have tipped the Mayor over to bring down their rival crime family. Or, they could have even paid the Mayor & the people at GCPD to do so. But, we have another theory in mind which suggests that the roots of Gotham’s corruption might go even deeper than the Falcones. We reckon that everything wrong in Gotham is connected to none other than the Court of Owls.

The Batman Theory – Court of Owls Main Villains

In the comics, the Court of Owls are a cabal of wealthy politicians and Gotham’s elite individuals who control the socio-economic conditions of Gotham from behind the scenes. Since they’ve never been brought to the big screen, we certainly believe that Matt Reeves could be using them in his trilogy. Everything in Gotham may be run by them. They may be the ones who placed Don Mitchell Jr. in the Mayor’s office. They may be the ones who brought the Maroni family down. In fact, even the Falcones might have been put in power by the Court of Owls.

Image credits: The Direct
Image credits: The Direct

This analogy actually originates from a little Easter Egg that we saw in the trailer. The card that the Riddler leaves for Batman has a skeleton and an owl on the front. The skeleton may be referring to all the members of the Secret Society of Gotham’s elites (wearing white masks), and the Owl refers to Talon. It wasn’t just an Easter Egg, but the Riddler may be pointing towards the existence of the Court of Owls right from the beginning of the film.

The Batman Theory – Court of Owls Main Villains

Now how does all of this tie in with Batman? It’s clear that the Riddler might have stumbled upon the existence of the Court of Owls and wants to expose them. But why is he dragging Batman into it? Why is he making it personal? The answer to these questions might just be the big twist of the film. Maybe the Riddler somehow found out about Batman’s secret identity. He says, “If you are justice, please do not lie. What is the price for your blind eye?”

Not only is this statement a smart wordplay referring to the myth that bats are blind, but the Riddler seems to be taunting Bruce for turning a blind eye towards his own parents. So, the real revelation of this film may be the Riddler showing Bruce how his parents, the so-called noble philanthropists of Gotham, were a part of the secret villainous society called the Court of Owls. This would imply that Thomas & Martha were partly or fully responsible for escalating corruption in Gotham. The Riddler probably sees Bruce as a hypocrite because of this.

The Batman Theory – Court of Owls Main Villains

If this really turns out to be the case by the end of the film, then we are certain that the Court of Owls will be the villains of The Batman 2. Bruce will investigate his parents’ ties to them, and maybe he might find out the real reason why his parents joined the Court of Owls in the first place. The first film may leave us & Bruce believing that his parents were bad. But they might actually have a good reason for being a part of the evil society that controls everything in Gotham. Maybe they thought that they could do some good with all the power that the Court of Owls possesses. But upon realizing that the Court of Owls is actually bad, they may have tried to get out of it or perhaps expose them. Since Thomas & Martha knew too much, the other members of the Court of Owls may have had the Waynes murdered in a dark alley, leaving Bruce an orphan. This way, Bruce would actually seek vengeance from the Court of Owls.

All this is just speculation, but it does seem well knit & directly tied with Batman’s origins. Let’s see if any of this comes true. The Batman arrives on October 1, 2021.

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