Eternals Explain How Multiple Infinity Stones Are on Earth

Eternals Explain How Multiple Infinity Stones Are on Earth: 

The upcoming Eternals movie is probably the most anticipated Superhero movie of 2020. It tells us the tale of Marvel’s ancient past being the earliest movie of the MCU. Finally, a movie comes out that precedes even Captain America: The First Avenger. Since it is the history we’re talking about, we would surely be getting major retcons to the Infinity Saga in Eternals. The film could explore its major ties with Thanos, since Thanos himself is an Eternal with a Deviant gene. But, what it could do is that it might use Infinity Stones to tie it all together.

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Eternals Explain How Multiple Infinity Stones Are on Earth
Eternals Explain How Multiple Infinity Stones Are on Earth

Theories suggest that in the MCU, the Celestials would use the Infinity Stones to create the Eternals, and with them the Deviants. Guardians of the Galaxy showed us a Celestial destroying a planet with the Power Stone. So we have reason to believe that the Celestials, whose origins tie into that of the Infinity Stones themselves will have access to all 6 of these stones. Screen Rant has come up with a theory suggesting that the Infinity Stones could play a key role in the plot of Eternals. In fact, by the end of the film, the Eternals may be the ones to scatter all (or some) Infinity Stones throughout the galaxy.

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The Infinity Stones have been the major part of the Infinity Saga as the entire story depended upon the consequences of using the Infinity Stones. These gems have been described as relics that are so ancient that they actually precede the Universe. Wong explained that the Big Bang sent 6 elemental crystals hurtling around the Universe. Well, it could have been totally opposite. What if the Infinity Stones caused the big bang, and thus, created the Infinity Stones? We could never know.

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Eternals Explain How Multiple Infinity Stones Are on Earth

Eternals could actually give us a major history lesson involving the Infinity Stones. Rumors suggested that there could be a seventh Infinity Stone involved as well. So far from what we’ve seen, all these Infinity Stones have been agents of chaos. They have more often than not blinded people with the power they possess, and that could be the case during Eternals as well.

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People have been asking why exactly has Earth been ground zero for multiple Infinity Stones? For so many decades, Earth held the Tesseract as well as the Eye of Agamotto. Then by the time Infinity War and Endgame came out, Thanos and the Avengers brought all 6 of these stones to the planet which isn’t even as advanced as many others out there in the galaxy.

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Eternals Explain How Multiple Infinity Stones Are on Earth
Eternals Explain How Multiple Infinity Stones Are on Earth

So, there’s no particular answer to why exactly did Terra have multiple Infinity Stones. But Eternals might end up hiding all the Infinity Stones throughout the galaxy because of the chaos they cause in Eternals. SR suggests that Earth had 2 stones and it could have been the Eternals who hid the two stones on Earth with a purpose. But, that isn’t factually true.

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We know for a fact that the Time Stone has been on Earth with the sorcerers. But, the Space Stone wasn’t always on Earth. We’ve read in the past that Odin was the one to hide the Tesseract on Earth. So, we could assume that the Eternals may have left the Space Stone on Asgard instead. The Soul Stone was on Vormir, while the Reality Stone was hidden so deeply that it could only be found accidentally. We don’t know how the Power Stone ended up on Morag. The Time Stone was with Thanos, and as the MCU cannon Novel – Thanos: Titan Consumed stated, Thanos got the Time Stone from the Lorespeaker who resided at the edge of the Galaxy.

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This is the history that the Eternals may tie into. A lot of these events have not been shown on screen, so the film may actually have liberty to create some new tie inns as far as the story of the Infinity Stones is concerned. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. Eternals comes out on November 6, 2020.

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