Most Profound Moments in Superhero Movies That Gave us Goosebumps

Profound Moments in Superhero Movies:

Superhero movies are full of thrilling moments that give us an adrenaline rush. Some are insane on the action sequences, some plot twists leave us speechless while there are somewhere the emotional intensity is impossible to handle even for grownups. We have attempted to list the most legendary moments in superhero movies that will be talked about for years to come.

 1. The Avengers

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There have been a total of four Avengers movies that have been released so far. Each of them had a poster or a popular moment of the team captured. However, despite various Avengers pictures, the signature one will always belong to the first time the mightiest heroes had teamed up.

 2. Joker

Batman and Joker have been a famous nemesis for ages. The Clown Prince of Crime is the biggest villain in the Batman series. After watching them fight for decades, it was a jaw-dropping moment when Arthur Fleck met a young version of Bruce Wayne in Joker. We could feel the hair rising on our neck when the Joker forced a smile on little Bruce, oblivious of the future. Little did any of them know that the same boy would one day become Batman.

 3. Avengers: Endgame

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“Avengers, Assemble!” is not just an MCU phrase used by Captain America but it represents hope and strength in the mighty heroes as well as in the fans. The theatre was reverberating with applause and whistles when Captain America uttered those powerful two words again for one last time. It marked one of the most significant moments in the MCU, for all the superheroes gathered on the same battlefield to defeat Thanos.

 4. The Dark Knight

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Needless to say, we are talking about the Batman-Joker Interrogation scene. Starting from the moment when Batman emerged from behind Joker to when it was revealed that Joker had held both Rachel and Harvey Dent captive, we could feel the room temperature rising. They never won by nabbing Joker as he was always a step ahead of them. Batman’s rising anger was strikingly in contrast to Joker’s calm voice for a person who was getting beaten up. This moment brought most of us at the edge of our seats.

 5. Spider-Man

Profound Moments in Superhero Movies
Profound Moments in Superhero Movies

Spider-Man movies are incomplete without this signature dialogue that is referred by everyone these days. Regardless of the Spider-Man version or studios, this quote is a significant part of his world. When Peter Parker had beaten up a bully in high school, Uncle Ben wasn’t happy with him and told him, “with great power, comes great responsibility”.

 6. Logan

We can’t think of anyone as Wolverine aka Logan other than Hugh Jackman. We never realized how we grew attached to the immortal mutant who lived across centuries. Watching him take his last breath in Logan was devastating for loyal fans. But what hit the heart more was the fact that death came to him right when he reunited with his daughter.

 7. Spider-Man 2

With so many versions of Spider-Man movies and actors releasing over the years, we have different fan clubs for different Spideys. However, one moment that had our nails digging in our own face in apprehension was when Spider-Man had to stop a train. As Dr. Octopus disabled the breaks of the train, Peter Parker had to pull every drop of strength and might to halt the train.

 8. Iron Man and Avengers: Endgame

Profound Moments in Superhero Movies
Profound Moments in Superhero Movies

Tony Stark’s announcement “I am Iron Man” in both the movies marked the beginning and end of Iron Man’s journey. We got to witness the growth of Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark in between the times he uttered the iconic words. The last time we heard him say it had swirled a mix of emotions around us. We were ecstatic at the Avengers’ victory but it was soon followed by a flood of weeps and tears as we lost our favorite hero that day.

 9. Batman Begins

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy delivered us the most memorable Batman and Joker that took every fan by storm. Be it the twisting plot or the ground-breaking quotes, it left an impression even on non-superhero fans. The trilogy started from Batman Begins which introduced us to Christian Bale’s Batman. He first appeared as the caped crusader while taking down a gang of mobsters.

 10. Superman

Profound Moments in Superhero Movies
Profound Moments in Superhero Movies

Superman may be the hero of Earth but his home belonged to Krypton which was destroyed before he was sent to this planet. Clark Kent never met his family until he found the Fortress of Solitude. Located in one of the frozen poles away from civilization, it served as the headquarters of Superman which stored weapons and technology from Krypton. Clark aka Kal-El met his Krypton father for the first time on the Fortress where he learned about his roots and powers. This also captured the moment when he took his first flight.

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