10 Times Marvel Superheroes Were Killed By The Villains

Marvel Superheroes Killed By Villains:

Superheroes always win at the end of the war, even if it costs them their lives. The good winning over evil is the very reason why millions of people feel connected to superhero comics. It’s the hope that keeps them fueled in real life. However, some issues have shockingly killed the heroes at the hands of villains in the comics. No matter how powerful the big bad is, the hero always wins except for a few cases. The MCU movie, Avengers: Infinity War showed how Thanos killed Vision and Gamora and wiped out almost all the superheroes like Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Wanda, and many more from existence. Find out the 10 times when Marvel superheroes were killed by the villains.

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 1. War Machine

Avengers: Endgame Trailer Snap Survivors

When the Inhuman Ulysses predicted Thanos’s invasion on Earth and warned the Avengers, Iron Man walked away as he wasn’t keen on going with predictions. But the battle did take place and got Tony Stark’s friend James Rhodes aka War Machine killed. It was Thanos who punched a hole through his heart that took his life in a snap.

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 2. The Wasp

During the crisis of the Skrull’s Secret Invasion, the shape-shifting aliens invaded Earth by replacing the superheroes with themselves. One of the infiltrations took place through a Hank Pym shaped Skrull who fed Janet van Dyne aka the Wasp with a serum that exploded her body.

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 3. Captain America

Marvel Superheroes Killed By The Villains
Marvel Superheroes Killed By The Villains

In the aftermath of the great Civil War that saw Captain America locking horns with Iron Man, the former was captured and apprehended. He was being taken for a hearing when his nemesis, Crossbones shot him in the back and brainwashed Sharon Carter to do the same.

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 4. Spider-Man

This storyline saw the emergence of Superior Spider-Man after Peter Parker’s death. In the Dying Wish, Doctor Octopus managed to swap his body with that of his biggest rival, Peter. While Peter took his last breath in Doctor Octopus’s body, his rival had a change of heart after watching a flashback of Peter’s past. It compelled him to fight crime and ultimately become the Superior Spider-Man.

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 5. Bucky Barnes

Avengers: Endgame Captain America: The First Avenger

This story picks up from where we left off with Captain America’s death in the Civil War. Cap’s best friend Bucky put on the mask and became the next Captain America. He retained his position even after Steve Rogers was resurrected and went on to fight Red Skull’s daughter, Sin who attacked the United Stated with the Hammer of Skadi. Sin managed to kill Bucky with her hammer which was eventually seized by the Avengers.

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 6. Jean Grey

When Magneto infiltrated the X-Men as Xorn, his first and primary victim was Jean Grey, the backbone of the X-Men. Jean has had many deaths in the course of X-Men, and one of them was carried out by the biggest nemesis, Magneto. As his true identity was revealed, he attacked Jean with an electromagnetic pulse and gave her a stroke that ended up taking her life.

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 7. Black Widow

In the new reality of the Secret Empire, Captain America revealed himself to be a secret believer and the agent of HYDRA. He used his influence to bring Hydra to power and mercilessly finished anyone who got in his way. The evil Captain America killed Black Widow by breaking her neck with his shield when she stepped in to save Spider-Man. He also commanded his firing squad to kill Rick Jones.

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 8. Drax the Destroyer

This took place when Drax tried to jeopardize another plan of the Guardians of the Galaxy with his irrational brain. Thanos was his biggest enemy as the purpose of his life was to kill the Mad Titan. That’s why he refused to cooperate when his team decided to join forces with Thanos to destroy the Cancerverse where everyone was immortal. Drax killed his rival only to watch him get resurrected in the Cancerverse. Thanos returned the favor to Drax the Destroyer after coming back to life.

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 9. Elektra

Marvel Superheroes Killed By The Villains
Marvel Superheroes Killed By The Villains

Elektra is a Marvel superhero and Daredevil’s love interest who was also played by Jennifer Garner and Elodie Yung in Daredevil movie and series, respectively. The character was killed in the comics when Daredevil’s foe, Bullseye drove her sai through her chest.

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 10. The Punisher

Marvel Superheroes Killed By The Villains
Marvel Superheroes Killed By The Villains

In this storyline, The Punisher was killed by a superhero’s son. Wolverine had a son named Daken who inherited his father’s powers, including claws. However, Daken was nothing Wolverine as he was a sinister man who joined the Dark Avengers as their version of Wolverine. Daken ended up killing the Punisher ruthlessly by chopping him with his claws.

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