Female Celebrities Who Are Surprisingly Older Than You Thought

You’ll be surprised to learn the real age of the following celebs as they look way younger for their age. The show business places a lot of importance on appearance and youth, forcing many celebs to go under the knife or Botox. But the bold women we are going to talk about today have broken all the rules and embraced their age. By following a healthy lifestyle and ensuring inner happiness, they have achieved an ageless beauty. They care little about aging and have welcomed it with utmost grace. Find out the female celebrities who are surprisingly older than you thought.

 1. Jennifer Lopez

Female Celebrities Older
Female Celebrities Older

The music queen must have a mystical secret behind her beauty as it seems that she has frozen in time. She gets her natural radiance from dance, meditation, and inner happiness. Jennifer turned 51 this 2020 and can easily defeat a youngster with her energy, glow, and curves. She has an extremely stringent diet and exercise routine that helped her achieve her abs.

 2. Julia Roberts

Female Celebrities Older

The Pretty Woman of Hollywood is 52 years old but looks the way she did in the 1990 movie. If at all she has aged, she has only gotten more beautiful. Her smile and positive energy are infectious and the key to her fresh appearance. We’ll be blessed to look even 50% of how she does in our 50s. Roberts enjoys a simple life that brings her close to nature and herself with meditation, yoga, aerobics, cycling, etc. Julia follows a balanced and mindful diet without giving up on carbs.

 3. Shakira

Shakira has retained her glowing and fresh-looking skin ever since she entered the show-business. Maybe it is the years of dance training that circulates energy and happiness through her veins. Her radiant smile and energy on the stage reduce her age by ten years. Can you believe that she is 43 years old?

 4. Sandra Bullock

Sandra is 56-years-old but doesn’t sweat over it. She only likes to break a sweat during exercises with strong will power. Sandra embraces aging and stays away from Botox. She only believes in taking care of one’s skin the natural way with good food and activities. That’s why she glows more than the younger actresses who got Botox.

 5. Jennifer Anniston

It’s been decades since Jennifer became a star from Friends but she still remains to be Hollywood’s sweetheart. Her twinkling eyes and smile rule our hearts and nothing can ever replace that. She meditates and does yoga and hard-core exercises every day, giving herself a superfit body. She is 51 years old but is fitter than most of the youth out there.

 6. Halle Berry

Female Celebrities Older

The Monster’s Ball actress is only getting beautiful with every passing year. Who would believe that she is in her 50s? Halle follows strict skincare and health care routine. She is clearly reaping the benefits of her fit lifestyle by looking more beautiful at the age of 52.

  7. Gwen Stefani

Female Celebrities Older
Female Celebrities Older

The singer and entrepreneur are 51 years old and a mother of three children. She still basks in the spotlight with her glamorous looks and positivity. Maybe it’s her never-ending smile that makes her look 20 years younger. Gwen has been a vegetarian since the age of 12 and often follows a vegan diet from time to time. She also cuts down carbs from her meals during regular intervals to burn the stored carbs.

 8. Salma Hayek

The fact that she has been offered to play a superhero in the biggest franchise of MCU at the age of 54 is a big deal. Playing a superhero comes with a lot of responsibilities starting from an extraordinary level of fitness. Salma has gracefully entered her fifties and doesn’t care about looking older. The thing that bothers her is reading-glasses.

 9. Eva Mendes

Eva is 46 years old, a mother of two kids, and seven years older than her partner Ryan Gosling. However, age is just a number in her case as she manages to look 36 at 46. Her glowing appearance has allowed her to be one of the biggest influencers in the fashion industry. She is also the face of Revlon and Calvin Klein for her ideal figure and beauty. She dedicates at least an hour to herself and her fitness every day. Eva also believes that water is the ultimate elixir to beautiful skin.

 10. Sofia Vergara

Female Celebrities Older
Female Celebrities Older

Sofia is a household name that rose to fame from Modern Family. She is 47-years old and has happily welcomed her aging. She is into salads, fish, and other healthy food to glow naturally.

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