Here’s What Happened When Wonder Woman Wielded Thor’s Hammer

Wonder Woman Wielded Thor’s Hammer:

We’ve always wondered what things would be like if the characters from Marvel and DC were to fight each other on the big screen. They’ve had several crossovers and battles in the books, but Studio ownerships just won’t allow the big name heroes of DC & Marvel to ever meet on the big screen, despite the fact that the Multiverse is now going to be prominent in their separate shared Universes. We just won’t see major jaw-dropping events like Wonder Woman being worthy of wielding Mjolnir, Darkseid teaming up with Thanos, and so on. But hey, at least these events have taken place in the comics.

During the 1996 DC vs. Marvel crossover event, several Marvel & DC heroes and villains fought each other. Superman defeated Hulk, Captain America was beaten by Batman, Wolverine kicked Lobo’s butt, Flash managed to take down Quicksilver, Thor fought Shazam, and their fight led to Wonder Woman vs. Storm. Before we get to Wonder Woman & Storm, let’s take a look at how Thor’s battle with Shazam (Captain Marvel) ended.

Wonder Woman Wielded Thor’s Hammer

As they fought, Captain Marvel threw a giant Ferris Wheel at Thor, and the God of Thunder struck it back at Captain Marvel by swinging his mighty hammer. The wheel landed on Captain Marvel and he found himself to be stuck. He realized that he quickly needed to break free. So, instead of pushing the giant wheel, Captain Marvel tried a sneaky approach by yelling “Shazam!” The lighting of the Gods turned him into Billy Batson, who was able to break free from the Ferris wheel due to his smaller stature.

After breaking out, Billy tries to get back in the fight by yelling Shazam once more. Thor realizes that if the Thunder strikes Billy, he’d turn back into his heroic self. So, with some quick thinking and the use of his ability to control lightning, Thor threw Mjolnir at Captain Marvel’s Magical lightning, disrupting its connection with Billy. Thor is left stunned by the impact for a bit, while Mjolnir gets “short circuited” and lands right in front of Wonder Woman. 

Right after this, the battle between Wonder Woman & Storm took place. This royal battle between Princess Diana of Themyscira and the former Queen of Wakanda was quite thrilling indeed. As Thor’s hammer landed in front of Diana, she lifted it and left the readers totally stunned. She transformed into a super powered God, worthy of Thor’s power. She was already so powerful, and with the hammer, her strength levels would’ve increased to a level hitherto, undreamt of.

Wonder Woman Wielded Thor’s Hammer

The reason why I say “would’ve increased” Wonder Woman’s power is because she didn’t use the hammer of the Gods to fight Storm. Storm wasn’t ready to give up after Diana wielded the hammer. She was unmoved, but Diana knew that with Mjolnir, she’d have a massive advantage over Ororo. So, she decided to fight fair and didn’t use the hammer at all. And that was a foolish decision on her part. She shouldn’t have underestimated Storm.

As the battle went on, Wonder Woman swung Storm around in the air with her immense strength and threw her away. But, the battle ended soon after that as Storm made the clouds weep. She brought in a literal storm and electrocuted Wonder Woman as water poured down from the sky. All Storm had to say after this was, “Forgive me sister,” and Wonder Woman dropped into her hands like a fallen angel.

Wonder Woman Wielded Thor’s Hammer

One may have thought that Wonder Woman’s flight & strength would still let her prevail. But that surely wasn’t the case. Perhaps she shouldn’t have dropped Mjolnir mid battle. She was vulnerable to Storm’s weather manipulation. What she failed to understand was that only Mjolnir would’ve allowed her to win. With the hammer, She could’ve used Storm’s attacks against her. In fact, Storm’s thunderstrike possibly would’ve had no effect on her since she herself would’ve possessed the power of Thor.

But it’s okay. She’d probably destroy Storm next time.

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