Infinity War – What Happens To Thanos After He Wiped off Half The Humanity?

Avengers Infinity War has literally blown our minds and shattered all box office records. The movie has opened to an all-time highest opening weekend i.e $250 million plus and it is yet to be released in major markets including China. According to Box-office pundits, the movie has enough hype to even cross $2 Billion when all is said and done. Right now, James Cameron’s Avatar has the record of $2.7 Billion at the worldwide Box office.

The movie is the culmination of 10 years of MCU where everything that has happened led us to the biggest comic-book event ‘Infinity War’. Thanos had been teased way back in the MCU. He was the one who spearheaded the Chitauri assault on Earth in The Avengers (2012). Loki was just the front man. Thanos has been built as the Darth Vader of MCU who will be the most terrifying villain Avengers has ever faced.

Well, The Mad Titan finally landed on Earth along with his Black Order and a massive army of alien fighters known as ‘Outriders’. He went toe to toe with the Earth’s mightiest heroes ‘The Avengers’ and Guardians of the Galaxy in the movie Infinity War.

It has been his lifelong mission to complete the Infinity Gauntlet by acquiring the six Infinity Stones and bring balance to the Universe. Did he succeed? What happened to him after Infinity War? While the movie did have a shocking twist, what happens to Thanos after the movie ends??? Quirkybyte has an answer.

Spoiler Alert: Massive Spoilers for Infinity War up ahead…..

Thanos manages to get his hands on all six of the Infinity Stones i.e Power, Space, Mind, Time, Reality & Soul. He had to fight the whole lot of the Avengers, the Guardians and Wakandans to get what he wanted. His lifelong goal had been to help the universe achieve balance by wiping out half of all life in the universe. He thinks he is the only one who has the strongest will to take the hardest decisions. Life, according to him, cannot be left unchecked and must be watched closely as it grows.

The resources of the Universe are finite. If Life breaks the chain of supply and demand, what happened to Thanos’ home planet will happen to the entire universe. Overpopulation doomed his planet Titan and he believes it will doom the Universe if he doesn’t do something. He does succeed in snapping his fingers and performing mass genocide on a universal scale. A lot of the heroes die. But Thanos also suffers extreme injuries when he fights the Avengers on Titan and on Earth.

Thanos’ journey began with only one of the six Infinity Stones in his possession. He acquired the Power Stone after destroying Xandar and then decimated the Asgardian Refugee ship and killed Loki while going after the Space Stone. He then acquires the Reality Stone from Knowhere where Collector died as Thanos burned the whole place down. He then sacrifices Gamora on the planet Vormir to obtain the Soul Stone.

After a spectacular fight with Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Spiderman, Star-Lord, Drax, and Mantis, Thanos ensures he has the Time Stone in his possession. He forced Dr. Strange to give up Time Stone he vowed to protect in exchange of Tony’s life. He then comes to Earth looking for the Mind Stone where he faces stiff resistance from the rest of the Avengers. Scarlett Witch destroyed the Mind Stone before Thanos could have it, but the Mad Titan used Time stone, reversed the time, Vision was brought alive, he took the Mind stone and killed Vision himself.

Right after he kills Vision to obtain the Mind Stone and complete his Infinity Gauntlet, Thor comes for Thanos looking for vengeance. With a new weapon at his side called the Stormbreaker, Thor manages to hurt him really badly when he plunges his Stormbreaker right into the Mad Titan’s chest. Thanos manages to snap his fingers and conclude his lifelong desire as the rest of the Avengers look in awe. Thanos has achieved what he originally intended to do. The Mad Titan retreats before the Avengers could grab hold of him. 

Thanos then ends up in the Soul World for a bit where he meets a child version of Gamora. His daughter’s questions make it look like Thanos is starting to question his own actions. Thanos finally ends up on another planet, where he comes out of the shadows looking at his newly created paradise. His expression of solace and warmth is uncanny. His lifelong dream has finally been accomplished. Thanos looks at the Horizon as the screen fades to black.


In the comic books, this scene was present too but it wasn’t the end for the story arc. Thanos is then defeated by the heroes who have managed to regroup and strike back. Thanos, in the comic books, subconsciously wanted someone to defeat him as, deep down, he believed he was not worthy of the power of the Gauntlet. Such characterization is not seen in the movie version of the Mad Titan. But the look of peace on his face was immediately preceded by a sliver of doubt.

When the Soul World Gamora asked him “What did it cost?” Thanos replied – “Everything”. Maybe Thanos’ will was Iron Clad then. But after witnessing what he did first hand, he has lost his sense of direction. The Mad Titan, deep down, now wants someone to undo his actions.

If the comic book is any form of source material for Avengers 4, this will be an interesting plot point for the sequel to Infinity War and will add even more depth to a villain that is already being counted as one of the greatest movie antagonists in recent history. Here’s what Russos said about Thanos as a villain:

“Thanos is an unstoppable villain he’s virtually invincible, he’s highly intelligent – genius level intelligent – he’s like the Genghis Khan of the universe, and to stop him it’s going to cost them a lot. They’re going to have to see if they’re willing to pay that price, and that’s what these movies are really about.”

Avengers Infinity War is running successfully, do watch it in theaters. Directed by Russo Brothers i.e Joe & Anthony Russo. Produced by Marvel Head Kevin Feige & Co including Victoria Alonso, Michael Grillo, Stan Lee and  Louis D’Esposito. The screenplay is done by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.

The ensemble cast is stunningly awesome as it features some of the A-List stars playing important roles including Josh Brolin (Thanos), Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Chris Evans (Captain America), Chris Pratt (Star Lord), Zoe Saldana (Gamora), Sebastian Stan (Winter soldier), Anthony Mackie (Falcon), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Mark Ruffalo (Hulk), Bradley Cooper (Rocket Raccoon), Vin Diesel (Groot), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), Jeremy Reiner (Hawkeye), Benedict Cumberbatch (Dr. Strange), Benedict Wong (Wong), Tom Holland (Spiderman), Letitia Wright (Shuri), Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther), Paul Rudd (Ant-Man), Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlett Witch), Karen Gillian (Nebula), Pom Klementieff (Mantis), Dave Bautista (Drax), Paul Bettany (Vision), Samuel Jackson (Nick Fury) and Cobie Smulders (Mariah Hill).

The movie synopsis released by Marvel is as follows:

“Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk and the rest of the Avengers unite to battle their most powerful enemy yet — the evil Thanos. On a mission to collect all six Infinity Stones, Thanos plans to use the artifacts to inflict his twisted will on reality. The fate of the planet and existence itself has never been more uncertain as everything the Avengers have fought for has led up to this moment”.

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“As the Avengers and their allies have continued to protect the world from threats too large for any one hero to handle, a new danger has emerged from the cosmic shadows: Thanos. A despot of intergalactic infamy, his goal is to collect all six Infinity Stones, artifacts of unimaginable power, and use them to inflict his twisted will on all of reality. Everything the Avengers have fought for has led up to this moment – the fate of Earth and existence itself has never been more uncertain”.

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