Thor Actually Has The Ability To Manipulate Shazam’s Lightning As Well

Thor Can Manipulate Shazam’s Lightning:

This is a thunderous battle that should surely happen in a Marvel DC live-action crossover event. Shazam is not as well developed as Thor is on the big screen, but a battle between these two heroes would be legendary. Well, to make it even spicier, DC should add Black Adam, and Marvel should add Jane as the Mighty Thor into the mix. This would be a crazy event where Black Adam & Shazam would team up against the Thor & Jane’s duo. Anyway, this battle won’t be happening anytime soon. So for now, let’s look at the Thor vs. Shazam fight from 1996.

During the 1996 DC vs. Marvel crossover event, several Marvel & DC heroes and villains fought each other. Superman defeated Hulk, Captain America was beaten by Batman, Wolverine kicked Lobo’s butt, Flash managed to take down Quicksilver, and Thor & Shazam fought each other right before the battle between Strom and Wonder Woman. Among all these fights, the one between Thor & Shazam was quite unique as these two heroes actually respected each other. In fact, they took a brief moment of silence to pray before starting the battle.

Most of you would be aware that back in 1996, Shazam was known as Captain Marvel. Upon coming across each other, they understood how each of them carried the powers and abilities of the Gods. While both of them have a wide range of abilities, two of their trademark abilities are the same. They possess super strength and can conjure lighting. So, it was always going to be a battle between two very equally matched heroes.

Thor Can Manipulate Shazam’s Lightning

They started to fight at an abandoned amusement park and traded a few thunderous blows. Thor smacked Shazam with his hammer a few times, and Captain Marvel replied with his fists of fury. As a show of strength Marvel lifted a Ferris Wheel with his bare hands and threw it at Thor. The God of Thunder struck it back at Captain Marvel by swinging his mighty hammer. The wheel landed on Captain Marvel and he found himself to be stuck.

Thor Can Manipulate Shazam’s Lightning

He realized that he quickly needed to break free. So, instead of pushing the giant wheel, Captain Marvel tried a sneaky approach by yelling “Shazam!” The lighting of the Gods turned him into Billy Batson, who was able to break free from the Ferris wheel due to his smaller stature. Upon noticing that Shazam’s just a kid, Thor tells him that at least he isn’t “lame of leg,” referencing his own alter ego Donald Blake, who has a walking disability. Billy tells Thor that he’d introduce him to a kid named Freddie. This was a reference to Billy’s best friend who also has a walking disability.

Thor Can Manipulate Shazam’s Lightning

Anyway, the battle moves on and Billy yells Shazam once more. Thor realizes that if the Thunder strikes Billy, he’d turn back into his heroic self. So, with some quick thinking and the use of his ability to control lightning, Thor threw Mjolnir at Captain Marvel’s Magical lightning, disrupting its connection with Billy. Thor is left stunned by the impact for a bit, while Mjolnir gets “short-circuited” and lands right in front of Wonder Woman. Surprisingly Wonder Woman proves to be worthy and lifts the hammer right before her battle against Storm (which Wonder Woman loses because she decides to fight fair, without using the hammer).

Thor Will Appear in Another Film

Since Billy wasn’t able to turn back into Captain Marvel, Thor emerged victorious. His control over lightning certainly gives him an evolutionary advantage over other lightning based heroes. As of now, he is on his way to become the most powerful hero in the MCU. So, Shazam might never be able to overpower him alone. But maybe, the Shazam family could do that by teaming up against him.

What do you think would happen if they fought on the big screen? Tell us who would win between these two heroes.

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