Which Harry Potter Hogwarts House Do MCU Characters Belong To?

Avengers is a team of powerful Superheroes of Marvel whose primary goal is to keep the world safe from evil forces. They will do anything to protect innocent lives without giving a second thought to their own. Despite having the same aim, we have often witnessed the Avengers fighting among themselves due to their personal differences. Each Avenger is different no matter how good and heroic they are. They have certain traits that make them stand out from the rest and these traits will help us sort them into Harry Potter’s Hogwarts houses.

Hawkeye- Hufflepuff

Which Harry Potter Hogwarts House Do MCU Characters Belong To?

Hawkeye is respected for his loyalty, moral code, and hard work-traits of a Hufflepuff. He may not have superhuman powers like the other Avengers but he is still counted as an asset to the team of superheroes for his dedication and hard work that made him equally intimidating to his enemies.

Captain Marvel- Gryffindor

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Hate or love her, but Captain Marvel will never step back from saving the ones who need her. She has dedicated her whole life and the extended one in fighting for the right cause. She is bold, honest, and has the nerves to face anybody. And the same gallantry in her can often turn into recklessness making her a classic Gryffindor.

Black Widow- Slytherin

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A Slytherin will take “whatever it takes” to save their loved ones. Black Widow was loyal and no matter how many years had passed, she never gave up on bringing back her people. She had excellent spy-traits, sharp mind, and combat skills that made her no less than the Avengers with superpowers.

Captain America- Gryffindor

Bravery and the ability to disobey the authority are true Gryffindor traits. There is no question about Captain America’s chivalry who will never hesitate to fight for what’s right. He can be impulsive at times in order to save his loved ones. Cap’s principles that teach him to stand by his beliefs and heart even turned him against Iron Man and the government during Civil War.

Iron Man- Slytherin

Which Harry Potter Hogwarts House Do MCU Characters Belong To?

No one can be a better Slytherin than Tony Stark who was never tired of self-flattery. And being a Slytherin is never a bad thing. One of the headmasters of Hogwarts “was a Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man I ever knew,” Harry Potter. Tony was ambitious, witty, and had a narcissistic disposition.  He was always reliable for his resources and state-of-the-art technology. Iron Man may not be a saint but he gave up his life and happiness in order to save the world, especially for Peter Parker.

Thor- Gryffindor

Without having to think twice, we can be sure that Thor would belong to Gryffindor. Valiance is his second name and he has dedicated his mind, soul, and body towards the betterment of others. And like a true Gryffindor, he can be hasty, too.

Black Panther- Gryffindor

Which Harry Potter Hogwarts House Do MCU Characters Belong To?

Being the Black Panther makes him strong, agile, observant, and sharp like a Slytherin. On the other hand, his genius-mind makes him a Hufflepuff. But the ability to retain his modesty despite being the King of Wakanda and also possessing all the qualities sort him into Gryffindor. He will not think twice before jumping into saving someone’s life.  Gryffindor stands for chivalry and bravery and Black Panther has it.


Which Harry Potter Hogwarts House Do MCU Characters Belong To?

Like a Ravenclaw, Peter Parker possesses a clever mind, creativity, intellect with a pure heart. His fondness and hands with tech made Happy see a reflection of Tony in Peter. But unlike Tony, Peter is modest and has learned to care for the greater good at a very young age. Some might also call him a Gryffindor has given his fortitude.

Bruce Banner- Ravenclaw

Avengers: Endgame Mark Ruffalo

You can always count of Banner for intellectual support, innovation, and creativity. A Ravenclaw’s strongest weapon is its mind and Banner is a scientist. Keeping Hulk aside, Bruce is one of the wisest Avengers and everyone is a fan of his wit. This exceptional scientist is basically the epitome of a Ravenclaw.

Loki- Slytherin

Which Harry Potter Hogwarts House Do MCU Characters Belong To?

One of our darling villains whom we can never hate! One can’t tell what’s cooking inside a secretive Slytherine’s mind and who its next target could be. It’s the same case with the God of Mischief, Loki, whose shrewdness and manipulation can trick the strongest and the smartest and who can even fake his own death.

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