Justice League – Things That Snyder Will Change With The Extra CGI Budget

Zack Snyder’s Justice League will arrive next year on HBO Max. Rumor is that this movie (that is worth 4 hours long) will actually be converted into a 6 Episode series for the streaming service. Snyder once said that his Assembly cut of the film was 5 hours long. So, if the movie is to be split into 6 episodes, then we can be certain that not a lot of footage will be edited out of the long story that Snyder wants to tell. Another thing that we are certain about for the Snyder cut is the added budget that he is going to get.

Things Snyder Will Change In Justice League with CGI Budget

It was rumored that Snyder is getting 20-$30 Million to finish the VFX of the film he wants to release. But later, we heard from WB’s top execs that they could only wish that the added CGI budget could be as low as $30 Million. So, we reckon that the rumors about the budget actually being around $70 Million would actually be true. That is a lot of money being poured into the CGI, so it is possible that Zack Snyder would be changing things to how he originally wanted them to be. Hence, here are the aspects we could see being added through the extra CGI budget –

Black Suit Superman 

Zack Snyder has stated in the past that he wanted Superman in a Black Suit as Clark won’t feel worthy of his Blue and Red colors once he comes back to life. So, even if Cavill shot all his scenes in the blue suit, the CGI budget could be used to turn the Super suit into black and grey. And obviously, there won’t be a moustache to destroy his character now.


Darkseid’s young version, Uxas was supposed to be the one to fight the Old Gods, Atlanteans, and humans during the ancient battle of Earth. So, he’d be added into the battle and Steppenwolf will be removed. Secondly, we will also see the full form of Darkseid towards the end of the film as the Justice League is supposed to be looking at Darkseid through a Boom Tube.

Boom Tubes

Things Snyder Will Change In Justice League with CGI Budget

Speaking of Boom Tubes, they will also look different. In the Justice League, the Boom Tubes dropped vertically from above. But we’ve seen the concept arts and set photos which have suggested that the Boom Tubes will rather be horizontal & front faced. And obviously, they’d look different.

Black Skies  

In the first trailer of Justice League, we saw illuminated Black Skies during the ancient battle and the final battle instead of the Apokoliptic Red color scheme that was shown in the final two trailers and the theatrical cut of the film. And now, Snyder has confirmed that he’d be changing the color of the skies. This has to mean that we will be seeing the black skies.


Things Snyder Will Change In Justice League with CGI Budget

It is a known fact that Snyder’s Steppenwolf was also different with his looks and design. He looked much fiercer, and we’ve already seen a tease of that through the above concept art and ultimate edition of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. So the added CGI budget should give us a new design for Steppenwolf (and hopefully better dialogues).


Aquaman was supposed to have more scenes in Atlantis. So, the extra budget has to be for more underwater sequences related to Aquaman, Vulko and Mera.

Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter will make his appearance in the upcoming Snyder Cut. We know that he will be a result of the CGI budget as well. We wish that Snyder will be able to get in a good look for the character.

Final Battle Grounds 

Things Snyder Will Change In Justice League with CGI Budget

The whole set up for the final battle could differ a lot from what we ultimately saw. The above concept art shows how things could differ. But this is something we’re not very sure of.

Flash Time Travel 

The Flash is supposed to travel through time. So it’d be interesting to see how the whole set up of time travel and the speed force will look. Perhaps we might also see a bit of the CGI budget being used upon the Knightmare sequence as well.

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