Step Aside Trump, The Mask is Now The President of The United States

The Mask is The President of The United States:

We all know the Mask. The crazy, reality-defying maniac that has pockets so deep it could make Doraemon blush. The Mask has become one of the only few Non-Marvel and Non-DC Superheroes to actually become a household name amidst the reigning superiority of the two major comic book publications houses. After the Jim Carrey movie where the actor played the titular character and showed him in all his glory, the Mask’s fame has only risen. Dark Horse Comics owns the character and they too have managed to keep the hype train running with exciting new material and storylines. The Mask, as it turns out, will be seen in the White House next. He will be sitting in the Oval Office and holding the position of the Most Powerful Man on Earth. He will be POTUS!! That’s right folks.

The Mask is The President of The United States

Dark Horse Comics writers Christopher Cantwell and Patric Reynolds are currently working on an exciting new The Mask series. The series termed The Mask: I Pledge Allegiance to the Mask #4 has just revealed some of its cover art and the artwork reveals something very intriguing. The Mask has become the new President and he is seen wearing a wardrobe that is both befitting a tyrant and a businessman. What is he up to now?? Is the tyrant-businessman wardrobe combination a subtle hint/jibe at the current President?? We are beginning to wonder it actually could be.

The Mask is The President of The United States

It has been almost two dozen years before the green-faced anti-hero called the Mask graced us with his presence. The I Pledge Allegiance to the Mask miniseries came out last October and is running strong with good sales ever since. The fourth issue will explore a topic that might end up polarizing a part of the readers who may not be able to take on the political jokes and adventures of the avatar of Loki.

Christopher Cantwell was quick to announce in an interview why it is the perfect timing for Big Head aka the Mask to make his grand entry into the unknown. He states and we quote:

The Mask is The President of The United States

“It’s the perfect time for Big Head to reemerge, because not only have people grown numb to radical extremism, nationalism, hate, vitriol, and politics-as-sport… they thirst for it, like blood,” said Cantwell. He continues, “If Big Head ran for President today… he’d have a ton of support. He’d have a real chance of winning. Even though he’s a murderer, even though he’s violently insane. I channeled all my anger, fear, and cynicism into a story, and tried to create something as pitch-black, profane, ugly, and nihilistic as my own hopes for America right now in 2019. I scared myself writing this book. I didn’t realize how angry I was. I think we could very well be lurching towards a President Big Head-style Doomsday very soon… and maybe we’re already in one.”

Both Cantwell and Reynolds’ works in The Mask miniseries are being critically acclaimed. Cantwell’s work in She Could Fly was what grabbed the comic book publications’ attention and helped him land a deal with Dark Horse to pen the Mask series. Patric Reynolds is famous for his neo-noir artwork with serious but graphically comic undertones. Both are perfect for helming the Mask series.

The Mask is The President of The United States

While rumors abound that Mike Richardson, who created the Mask in the 1980s, is rooting for the Studio for a female-led Mask movie, the fact that the Mask series is venturing into such sensitive topics without any care proves that the Mask still has what it takes to make the audience tick. That is the reason people fell in love with the Mask and that is why they will keep reading it.

The Mask is The President of The United States

The fourth issue of The Mask: I Pledge Allegiance to the Mask will be released on the 20th of January, 2020. The official synopsis for the issue reads:

With chaos and absolute power on the presidential agenda, will Big Head take all? The Mask calls out to the minds of those previously under its control and sets pieces into motion that will lead to a conclusion that is explosive in more ways than one.

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