10 Marvel Superheroes Whom Super Villains Underestimate And Pay The Price Later

Marvel Superheroes Super Villains Underestimate

Marvel Comics has a plethora of superheroes. Some are Gods while some are blessed with amazing superpowers and gifts. In all that glitter, we forget that there are also superheroes that do not possess such extraordinary skills but still have managed to make a huge mark in the War against Evil. This list is dedicated to those unsung heroes that also deserve our respect.

 1. Deadpool

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Known for his hilarious and entertaining fourth wall breaking antics, Deadpool has a hard time convincing any enemy he faces to take him seriously. This blabbering mercenary with a mouth bigger than Galactus acts like a fool around the battle-field. And that is his biggest weapon. No one would ever realize until it is too late that Deadpool actually has the requisite skills needed to take out a small army if he wants to. Deadpool has a mutant healing factor that put’s Wolverine’s to shame. He also uses firearms with extreme proficiency. As a master swordsman, Deadpool can dual wield swords in both hands and is ambidextrous. He fools his enemies by making him look immature and crazy and that is a mistake he banks on.

 2. The Punisher

What can a guy with a gun do? Apart from killing a few people, alone gun-man got nothing against a Super Villain with genius-level intelligence that can field an army of indestructible robots or someone who has the ability to manipulate cosmic energy. Right??? Wrong!!! The Punisher has many ticks on his kill list, and most of those ticks include Villains with superpowers. There is no limit to what a guy who has nothing to lose anymore can do. The long list of supervillains and superheroes the Punisher has killed because he deemed them unworthy is huge and practically endless. So next time you intend to become a Super Villain and you see the Punisher in your way, do not make the mistake of ignoring him.

 3. Lockjaw

The wait isn’t he just a dog? What danger can a canine actually possess?? Lockjaw may not be good at attacking but he is deadly when used as support. The canine lovingly called Sparky is actually an Inhuman blessed with superpowers after Terrigenesis. Lockjaw can teleport across vast distances in space and take along as many people as he wants for a joy ride. When the Inhumans are in danger or when they intend to infiltrate a place, they look to Lockjaw for help. After the Kree gave genetic enhancements to Lockjaw, his powers increased ten-fold! Lockjaw also possesses a mother of all bites that is backed by his super canine strength that even the Thing has a hard time defeating.

 4. Hawkeye

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Clint Barton, at first glance, does not look like a threat. There are people with armored suits and people that are actually Gods on his team. Hawkeye may not look as intimidating in contrast. What people fail to see is that Hawkeye is one of Marvel’s greatest assassins. He has marksmanship that will put an Olympic level archer’s skills to shame. Moreover, he is blessed with gifted close-quarter combat abilities. Give him a sword, a knife, or even a freaking pencil if you have to (yeah, we made THAT reference), and he will bathe the streets in blood.

 5. Quicksilver

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Even after so many live-action adaptations of the character, he still cannot catch his big break. Quicksilver is the son of Magneto and the twin brother of the Scarlet Witch. He is one of the fastest beings on the planet, able to outrun fighter jets and speeding bullets that travel multiple times the speed of light. If you remember the Prion Break scene in Days of Future Past, you know what we are talking about. Always taken out in the very beginning in a fight, Quicksilver has had very little opportunity to prove his worth and mettle in battle. But rest assured, if you think that is reason enough to ignore him, you are digging yourself an early grave.

 6. Daredevil

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He may not fight cosmic entities or alien armies for a living. But he does have his own way of protecting the peace and saving the day. Matt Murdock is a gifted lawyer by day and a vigilante by night. As a child, he met with an accident that took away his sight but enhanced the rest of his senses to a superhuman level. Daredevil can literally see sound – calling it his Radar Sense. Add to that his extreme close-quarter combat skills, and you have a formidable warrior in our midst. He fights the world’s greatest assassins on a daily basis. He also repels the machinations and forces of the Kingpin – the God of Crime. Someone who can do all that and still wake up and smile the next morning deserves our utmost respect and awe.

 7. She Hulk

Always in the shadow of her cousin, She-Hulk aka Jennifer Walters may not have as much fame and respect as the Green Goliath. The Hulk is strong. She-Hulk does not even come close to the level of the Hulk’s strength. As a result, people tend to think she is an inferior specimen. There is also the deep-rooted misogyny within our society that fails to make us see the actual potential of a person regardless of that person’s gender. She-Hulk lacks in strength, she more than makes up for in intelligence. She is an elegant beast with the beauty and the brains to rival the smartest of superheroes. She has used that to become a highly valuable asset to the Avengers, who now see her as one of their strongest members.

 8. Night Crawler

He is a fan-favorite character amongst the X-Men franchise. But he has still ways to go before he can be taken seriously by his enemies. The quirky blue-skinned demon’s real name is Kurt Wagner. His primary powers are teleportation. His physique also provides him with unusually strong physical agility, dexterity, reflexes, senses, and endurance. Night Crawler may not look like it but he is one of the x-Men’s greatest close combat specialists after Wolverine. He uses his gifted anatomy to dance around his opponents like a monkey, teleporting from one place to another and then hopping around his enemies’ many attacks using his agility and reflexes that will drive even the most powerful super-villains crazy.

 9. Black Widow

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She is no more just a femme fatale that serves as eye candy for the Avengers. Black Widow has matured into a full-fledged warrior that can take down a dozen men in a room if she is pissed. Her origin story was changed a bit to allow her to be given superpowers. As one of the finest specimens of the Soviet Red Room – a project similar to the USA’ Super Soldier program, Black Widow is in many ways, Russia’s answer to Captain America. She cannot bench press a mountain or destroys an alien ship with one swing of a hammer. But she does have what the rest of the heroes severely lack – subtlety and substance. She can take down hundreds of enemies and still will not lose her breath.

 10. Moon Knight

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This list would not have been complete without having Marc Spector aka the Moon Knight. Moon Knight is one of the most adaptable superheroes seen in the history of Marvel Comics. He fights assassins, warlords, demons and any other enemy of a supernatural or non-supernatural nature. It all depends on his mood. With an extremely unstable mindset and a personality disorder that keeps his enemies from estimating his true potential, Moon Knight is the perfect example of ‘Never Judge a Book by its cover’.

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