Deadpool 3 Should Be a Reboot, Not a Direct Sequel. Here’s Why

Deadpool 3 Should Be a Reboot:

Ryan Reynolds has officially solved part of the confusion that surrounded Deadpool till now. He appeared on Live With Kelly and Ryan on Christmas Eve, and he revealed that the “whole team” is working on Deadpool 3 at Marvel Studios. He said:

“Yeah we’re working on it right now with the whole team. We’re over at Marvel [Studios] now, which is like the big leagues all of a sudden. It’s kinda crazy. So yeah, we’re working on it.”

Ryan Reynolds Confirms Deadpool 3

So, Marvel Studios is bringing us another Deadpool movie. Emma Watts has taken her exit as the producer because Kevin Feige will be taking charge of the film, just like all other MCU films. Because Kevin Feige is producing it, we can be certain that at some point in time, the Merc with a Mouth will be addressing the MCU and eventually become a part of it. But the road to this film still isn’t clear.

Deadpool 3 in The Theatres

Ryan Reynolds said that “the whole team” is working on the film. Does that mean just the writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, or does it mean the actors as well? It could be anything. We expect that Deadpool 3 should be a direct sequel to Deadpool 2. This way Wade Wilson could end his story arc in the X-Men franchise, cut his ties to it and then step into the MCU through the multiverse. He could address the whole situation by breaking the fourth wall & just saying that Disney & Fox have merged so he’ll be a part of the MCU.

How Thanos

But just doing that shouldn’t work. Why you may ask. Well, it’s because a massive plot hole will be created if Marvel chooses to acknowledge the X-Men franchise as a part of the MCU’s multiverse. That’s because the MCU has made itself very different from another franchise Universe due to the way time travel works here. Endgame established that time travel in Marvel works very differently. Changing the past doesn’t change the future. It will just create an alternate timeline instead.

2 movies in the X-Men Universe have already used time travel, and we know that it is very different from the MCU. X-Men: Days of Future Past managed to send Logan to the past and from there on, he changed the future of the X-Men. In Deadpool 2, we saw Cable come to change the past so he could prevent his family from dying. When Deadpool prevented Russell from making his first kill, the future was changed. And then Deadpool went on his own time travel rampage saving Vanessa from dying, saving Peter killing Ryan Reynolds before he goes on to become Green Lantern and so on. This was a plot hole in itself but we’ll talk about it later.

Avengers: Infinity War Much Stronger Film than Avengers: Endgame

The Multiverse has infinite Universes, infinite earth. But Time Travel in all those Earths should work in the same way. Picking Deadpool up from this Universe through Multiverse would be a massive plot hole. Marvel could do one thing. They can make Deadpool break the fourth wall, and he can address this plot hole and move on with the story anyway. Most fans would take it in a fun way and ignore this plot hole like a few others that exist in the MCU.

Deadpool Cameo in Multiple MCU Movies & TV Shows

But addressing this franchise as a part of MCU’s multiverse would also bring all the X-Men baggage into the MCU. Kevin Feige is very particular about what is a part of the MCU and what isn’t. He won’t be taking all the X-Men baggage in the MCU as he’d be rebooting all the X-Men, and mutants. That’s why Deadpool also needs to be rebooted. It’d be sad that the story of Deadpool will be left incomplete because I so want a direct sequel to Deadpool 2. Domino, Cable, and Colossus are awesome. But if you look at the bigger picture, the next Deadpool movie should be a clean reboot.


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