A Brand New Trailer For Venom Is Out And Here’s Everything You Need To Know

This is the Venom trailer we actually needed and not the first one. Sony timed the release of this trailer perfectly. It was shown to fans at Cinema con recently, and the first look at Venom got leaked online where we see the Symbiote engulfing over Tom Hardy’s Head and it claims, “We Are Venom”. Just this little-leaked footage of a few seconds is what got fans to be really excited, and almost an hour later, Sony decided to release the entire new trailer shown at Cinema con for the fans. Have a look:

This trailer opens up with the Life Foundation retrieving the Symbiotes which were crashed on Earth, while Riz Ahmed’s Carlton Drake voices over. We get a shot confirming that there were more than just one Symbiote.

Then we see Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock meeting up with his supposed Ex-Wife Ann Weying played by Michelle Williams. He warns her about Drake and the Life Foundation and tells her to be careful of those evil people. Then we get a proper look at Eddie Brock, the Reporter who visits the Life Foundation and interviews Drake, making bold claims that his experiments are costing people their lives.

Then we hear Eddie Brock talking to someone, who the trailer makes us believe that it is a girl that Brock meets at a departmental store, but actually, he is supposedly talking to the Venom Symbiote which gets attached to him later in the trailer. The mystery girl, on the other hand, is actually someone who works at the Life Foundation and convinces Brock to help her.

She explains that Life Foundation found the Symbiotes who Carlton Drake believes are the key to human evolution as we see them getting infused with various human test subjects talked above. Next up we see Eddie Brock getting attacked by a test subject and that is where he will get infused by the Venom Symbiote himself.

From there on, the real fun begins as Eddie Brock runs home after what happened, experiences changes going through his body as the Symbiote fuses with the body of Brock internally. Brock starts to hear a voice which is the Symbiote talking but it takes him a little while to figure that out. In the meanwhile, Drake sends his goons to retrieve the Symbiote that has infused itself with Brock’s body. This is the moment where all the action begins as the Symbiote attacks all those guns for hire and it takes no time at all to knock them out.

Next up we see Brock leave his home on his motorcycle, and he is being chased by more of Drake’s men who are in pursuit of the Symbiote. We get glimpses of the most amazing chase sequence that will take place in this movie as the Symbiote wreaks havoc upon the ones who are chasing Brock by stretching out of his body, ripping everything apart.

Then Brock makes a deal with the Symbiote while the Symbiote tries to show him that it is in charge. Still, from what it looks like, Brock will manage to have an agreement with the Symbiote that will allow him to be different from the real bad guys.

Then moving towards the end, we see Brock embracing his inner anti-hero. We get shots of Brock being captured by Drake who also runs some tests upon him. That is where we get the continuation of the money shot that was teased in the previous trailer as we get Venom forming upon Brock’s face and body.

After that the trailer ends giving us the final transformation of Venom as one of Drake’s guys has Brock pinned down, asking him “Who the hell are you?”, and which we see the Symbiote engulfing over Tom Hardy’s Head claiming, “We Are Venom”. Then there is the most sadistic smile given from the Symbiote and we finally get a look at the infamous tongue of Venom. This moment looks as if it was stripped straight out of the comics.


This trailer gave us a very informative look at the movie, teased the story and still kept things hidden for us. Again, it was such an amazing trailer and since the previous trailer did not give us much, this one built upon that, got everyone interested, and increased the anticipation of the movie quite a lot. Remember, there are still almost 6 months left for the movie to come out as it opens in October, and the special effects for the movie are not finalized. The movie is currently deep under post-production, but they have managed to give us a fine look at Venom. We would not see the Spider-symbol upon his chest as it will be a different origin story for the Symbiote, but the trailer confirms one thing, which is that the movie will do justice to Venom!

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