Here, Watch & Hear Ryan Reynolds Having Close Encounters With Death

Ryan Reynolds Close Encounters With Death:

Ryan Reynolds is one of the craziest & funniest actors, and something crazy happened with him very recently. He was in Brazil promoting his upcoming movie Free Guy. And he appeared on the stage to address his Brazilian fans, but almost got crushed by a barrier. It’s a good thing that he is quite athletic and has great reflexes. Here, take a look at what happens:


We should thank god that he made Ryan Reynolds so awesome, and nothing serious happened. He really could’ve had his legs broken with the weight of the barrier. This is not the only injury defying situation that Ryan Reynolds has faced in his life. Apparently, back when he was 19, he had a close encounter with death. In his interview promoting his upcoming Netflix movie Underground 6, he reveals how he was hit by a drunk driver.

Here’s what he said when asked about a crazy thing that happened in his life:

“Having kids was pretty great but probably not the most exciting answer because billions of people have done that,” Reynolds said. “The most exciting that has ever [happened to me]? I don’t know. I know, in this movie, you see people getting hit by cars and crazy stuff. I got hit by a car once. Here’s a funny little story, it’s quick I promise. I was 19 in Vancouver, Canada, the drinking age is different there. I had had a couple of drinks and I didn’t want to get in my car obviously because that’s insane/ I walked home and on my way home I got hit by a drunk driver. I was like, ‘Thanks karma!’ I got run over by a guy who was drunk in the middle of the street, every bone in my left side was broken.”

We’re glad that Reynolds is fine. He has a massive future and we’re gonna love every one of his upcoming movies. After Underground 6 & Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds is set to appear in The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, Hobbs & Shaw 2, Deadpool and future MCU films.

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