11 Greatest Teen Titans Villains Too Crazy to be in The DCEU

Teen Titans Villains: 

While the Justice League always gets the spotlight, another superhero team of the DC Universe that is equally good has also managed to make its mark despite them yet to feature in a live action movie. The Teen Titans, made popular after the Cartoon Network show, are something of a legend amongst the 90’s Kids. Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Beat Boy and Star Fire – the five Teen Titans fight evil on a daily basis and operate out of a conveniently T-Shaped tower. If you think they are the small fry stuck with dealing with the leftovers and weaklings, then you should probably check out this list. Throughout the years, the Teen Titans have defeated villains that even the Justice League would think twice before crossing paths against. Presenting – 11 Greatest Teen Titans Villains too crazy to be in the DCEU!!

 11. Brother Blood

Teen Titans Villains DCEU

Commanding the Church of Blood, a cult that worships Trigon, Brother Blood is more of a teacher than a villain. He uses his charismatic personality to attract disciples to him like moths are to a flame. He was the one who started H.I.V.E Academy, a school that teaches how to be a supervillain. Brother Blood sometimes lets his ego and paranoia get the better of him which is why he is at the bottom of the list. He is mostly concerned with taking down Cyborg, whom he claims to be a failed student that needs to be put down as an example to stop others from defecting.

 10. Mammoth

Teen Titans Villains DCEU

Mammoth hails from the country down under – Australia. When they were kids, Mammoth aka Baron Flinders and his sister were relentlessly bullied for their metahuman powers. They were later trained to hone their powers Helga Jace. Baron adapted the name Mammoth while his sister Selinda adapted the name Shimmer. Mammoth is extremely strong and durable. His rage helps amplify his powers. The angrier he is, the stronger he is. Mammoth is mentally deficient and has an emotional disorder, which is why he always manages to get his ass kicked by the Titans who always trick him into a defeat.

 9. Plasmus

Teen Titans Villains DCEU

Plasmus was an ordinary miner in East Berlin who worked in a mine filled with radioactive minerals. After a cave in trapped him inside the mine, Plasmus’ body was exposed to lethal levels of radiation. Miraculously, he managed to survive but was subjected to further experiments by the Ex-Nazi General Zahl. After a lot of experimentation, Plasmus’ body turned into protoplasmic goo and he became a mutated monster. He grew to hate General Zahl for experimenting on him and his life goal is to kill him. Plasmus’ touch can turn any living object into fiery protoplasmic goo and instantly kill him. 

 8. Gizmo

Teen Titans Villains DCEU

No one really knows what his real name is. Gizmo is a relatively younger villain when compared to the rest of the foes Teen Titans face. He also has no superpowers. Gizmo has a genius level intellect. When he was a child, he created advanced and deadly weapons out of simple household objects and sold them to criminals. He soon started Gizmo Incorporated – a company dealing in advanced arms trading. After realizing he could expand his empire by becoming a villain himself, he invented a suit of armor that could house his numerous cutting edge technological inventions and joined the Fearsome Five.

 7. Phobia

Teen Titans Villains DCEU

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Angela Hawkins had the ability to read other people’s minds, find out their greatest fears and project those fears onto them. Angela used her ability to manipulate and scare people into doing her bidding. Her parents, afraid of her nightmarish ability, sent her to a mental hospital for treatment. Angela would later develop a life-long fear of being alone. After she was discovered by the Brain and invited to join the Brotherhood of Evil, Angela adopted the name Phobia and helped the brain fight both the Doom Patrol and the Teen Titans on various occasions. Phobia considers the Brotherhood of Evil as her one true family and would go to extreme lengths to defend them.

 6. Blackfire

Teen Titans Villains DCEU

Blackfire is the evil older sister of Starfire. She is everything Star Fire is not. She is cunning, sadistic, brutal and ruthless in her way of doing things. Blackfire considers her younger sister her greatest foe and has vowed to destroy her life no matter the cost. Starfire and Blackfire’s powers are similar. The only difference between the two that makes Blackfire a vastly superior opponent is that she has no qualms about collateral damage. Blackfire is not afraid of losing control and destroying everything in her path, something Starfire could never do. 

 5. Warp

Teen Titans Villains DCEU

Warp is a villain who actually hails from a future timeline. Warp is not actually that focused on conquering the world. He is actually a time-traveling smuggler. He uses advanced time travel technology from the future to travel to the past and steal valuable artifacts. But most of the times his plans fail because of the interference of the Teen Titans. What makes Warp so deadly is his knowledge of future events. Since he is from the future, he knows exactly what is going to happen in the past. So every time the Teen Titans stand in his way, he claims that he knows the outcome because it was already foretold in the future.

 4. Cheshire

Teen Titans Villains DCEU

She was the result of a love affair between an American Soldier and a Vietnamese woman. Adapting the name Jade, the ten-year-old girl would later be kidnapped and sold to slavery. Jade later killed her master and married an African Assassin when she was only 16. Her new husband taught her everything about poisons. She would kill her husband two years into her marriage. By this time, Jade had also trained extensively under Wen Ch’ang, a former Black Hawk Squadron member and knew everything there is to know about close quarter combat and guerrilla warfare. Her skills as an assassin are so commendable that Lady Shiva, the DC Universe’s greatest assassin and fighter, considers her a worthy opponent. She is widely regarded as the world’s second greatest Assassin.

 3. Psimon

Teen Titans Villains DCEU

Psimon was a brilliant physicist who was trying to find a way to bridge the gap between dimensions. When he managed to open a portal to another dimension, it turned out to be Trigon’s dimension. Trigon gave Psimon psychic abilities and instructed him to use those powers to destroy Earth and kill all the superheroes so that Trigon could conquer them easily. Psimon decided to do just that. He has tried defeating the Teen Titans on his own multiple times and even joined the Fearsome Five on several occasions, only to bite the dust each time. Even still, his telepathic and telekinetic abilities are not to be taken lightly.

 2. Deathstroke

Teen Titans Villains DCEU

Deathstroke’s real name is Slade Wilson. And yeah, he is nothing like his Marvel Knockoff counterpart Wade Wilson aka Deadpool. Deathstroke is one of the calmest villains ever seen. He can keep his cool even in the most desperate of times and never lets his guard down. No one can predict how Deathstroke will react because no one actually knows what goes behind that calm exterior of a face. His personality is an enigma and his superior fighting prowess combined with his level-headedness and meticulous planning make him an enemy that the Titans have extreme difficulty defeating.

 1. Trigon

Teen Titans Villains

Trigon is a Demon Overlord hailing from another dimension. He is an immortal entity hell-bent on bringing all realities and timelines under his control. Trigon has long vied to conquer Earth. He has always failed to do so because the Teen Titans stand in his way. Trigon is the father of Raven, a fellow Teen Titan and the God that is worshipped by the Church of Blood. Trigon is infamous for doing whatever it takes to get the job done. He is a master manipulator and has even convinced Deathstroke to do his dirty work, and betraying him at the last moment. As a God of black magic, Trigon is freak of nature and the most formidable opponent the Titans have ever faced.

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