Sophie Turner Reveals a Quarrel Which Led to an Actor Walking Off The ‘Dark Phoenix’ Set

At the end of the day, we all are humans (Not you, DC fans) and we all have our different perspectives about different things, which gives rise to a lot of fights and arguments among people. Most of the times, people take those arguments seriously and the same has happened on the sets of X-Men: Dark Phoenix as it has been revealed by Sophie Turner that she had an argument with an actor which led to the departure of her co-actor from the sets of the movie.

Dark Phoenix Sophie Turner

In an interview with Glamour, Sophie was talking about her experience during the filming of X-Men: Dark Phoenix and she goes on to detail how she once, upon taking a stand for herself, led an actor to leave the sets of the movie. Obviously, she didn’t mention the name of the actor but she revealed the incident and said,

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Disney

“I actually have a really big problem with not being able to stand up for myself,” Turner added. “Especially if I’m arguing against a man. [Dark Phoenix co-star] Jessica Chastain is the one that said it to me, ‘You need to stand up for yourself more!’” Also, she went on to add, “She [Jessica] said, ‘Just go and talk to him, go and say something to him!’ I’m a bit of a shy, pushover person, but I’m getting there, I’m working on it.”

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Disney

We all are familiar with the complicated history of this X-Men sequel which is why these kind of rifts are very common for us. About the release of the movie, we all know that the movie was scheduled to release last November but, was later postponed for Valentine’s Day, and sadly for the fans again, for the third time, it was pushed for a June release

Let’s hope we will be able to see this movie on June 7th.

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